Excellent exhibition signage is all about the user experience. Not only should your signage look good promoting your brand, but it should also be fun and entertaining for your audience as well. You have total creative freedom when you integrate bespoke exhibition signage into your events and trade shows.

All you need are some good ideas to carry it forward. Then your brand can successfully stand out amongst the competition at your events and attract the largest crowds around your booth. Isn’t that what exhibitions are all about anyway?

Here are the top four exhibition signage ideas to establish a better user experience.

1) Utilise the Power of Digital Signage

If you want your exhibition signage to stand out in the 21st-century marketplace, then you need to go digital with your displays. Audiences are very attracted to digital displays because of their colourful graphics and motion pictures. No other exhibition signage can even compare to it.

Digital signage creates unlimited opportunities to display practically any imagery that you want. You don’t even have to keep the same imagery on the screen because you can play videos or slideshows with a push of the button.

This saves you the trouble of creating new signage anytime you want to promote new products. The only thing you’ll have to create is the digital imagery that will appear on the signage. But, don’t worry, because our design team can help you with that.

2) Put Exhibition Signage at the Entryways and Exits

If you have control over the facility or venue used for the event, then try to put your exhibition signage at the entryways and exits if impossible.

Sometimes it is not enough to wait for people to find your booth at a trade show. Instead, you need to engage them with your signage wherever possible. What better place than the entryways and exits where everyone passes through each day?

If people can see your impressive signage displays, they will want to look for your booth as soon as they enter the facility.

3) Floor Graphics

People often look at the floor when they walk. That is why it would be a wasted opportunity not to have floor graphics and signage underneath their feet. Think about how you could attract their attention right under their chin.

Hardy Signs can create custom-branded floor graphics to promote your business in a fun and creative way. When people see the creative floor graphics and their promotions, they may feel compelled to take pictures of them with their smartphones and send them to their friends on social media. The possibilities are endless.

4) Wayfinding Signage

Anyone new to your facility will probably get lost without the help of wayfinding and directional signage to guide them.

For this reason, it is a good idea to post up lots of wayfinding signage and banners throughout your facility. Then you’ll make it as easy as possible for people to find your booth or whatever else it is you want to promote.

If people feel comfortable navigating your facility, they may also feel pleased with your brand and its products.

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