Fabric Lightboxes

Do you need something that’s going to make your business stand out at the next trade show, event, or display show? Fabric lightboxes are a fantastic way to get noticed when you have your personalized graphic printed on fabric with backlighting.

A fabric lightbox generally consists of fabric affixed to frames with lights behind the fabric. This look creates a “lit from within” appeal that can draw customers to your business. And if you print an attractive design onto the fabric material, the lighting will give it more brightness and vibrance.

Lightboxes are becoming commonplace in retail stores, trade shows, and more. This type of advertising allows businesses to appear more modern and exciting. When you visit the average retail store or trade show in the United Kingdom, you won’t see too many vendors with fabric lightboxes because they are a relatively new technology. But now is your chance to stay ahead of the competition by installing custom fabric lightboxes in your business or trade show stall.

Customizable Appeal
One of the best things about getting a fabric lightbox is that it can be customized to suit just about any promotional need. For example, you can have almost any graphic, image, or message displayed on the lightbox fabric you want. The design is digitally created on the computer before it gets printed onto the fabric.

Therefore, the possibilities for the design are endless. You can have any number of colours, patterns, shapes, and photographic images that you want in the design. Once the design is finished and meets your approval, it will get printed onto the fabric of the lightbox.

Fabric lightboxes are increasing in popularity due to their effectiveness in attracting customers to a business. In fact, promotional lightboxes have increased sales and brand awareness for thousands of companies across the country because of their unique and engaging visual appeal. We know you will be more than satisfied with how well they’ll promote your business.

Stand-Out Success
Getting recognized in today’s market for all the right reasons is more important than ever. The fierce competition and fabric lightboxes make a great tool to help a business stand out. Using lights in a fabric lightbox maximizes lights to draw the attention of potential customers. If a customer enjoys the sight of your lightbox, they’ll take a closer step toward possibly doing business with your company. Then you would have captured a lead and maybe even a new paying customer.

One of the reasons that businesses take notice of fabric lightboxes is because they tend to be affordable. Once you have your fabric lightbox, you can easily replace lights, adjust to seasonal trends and even replace the fabric with a new graphic. All of those changes are relatively inexpensive, making a fabric lightbox a thoroughly good investment.

LED lighting is used in our fabric lightboxes because it lasts longer than traditional translucent lighting. It is also more energy-efficient and can significantly reduce your monthly electric bill. So if you plan to keep your lighting on for extended periods or 24 hours daily, you’ll appreciate this energy-efficient lighting technology illuminating your lightboxes.

A Design as Unique as Your Business
Although the name “lightbox” may imply a simple square design, they aren’t limited to any shape, size, or lighting. You can also decide whether your lightbox will be freestanding or hanging from the ceiling. Depending on the use and location of your fabric lightbox, you can choose whether to get a single or double-sided box to maximize your message and space.

The longevity of a fabric lightbox also makes them a good financial investment. LED lights often outperform traditional light bulbs and are more cost-effective. Your fabric lightbox manufacturer can also help you to prepare for any extreme climate challenges you may face while it’s on display.

Lightboxes can have personalized illumination options that can help to increase the impact a graphic will have while on display. For example, most fabric lightboxes offer edge-lit, back-lit, or side-fire illumination. You cannot get this type of illumination with traditional lighting technology. That is why it’s the best.

The graphics on your fabric lightbox can be printed with your specific needs in mind. You can have vibrant, rich printing that makes your graphic pop out from the fabric lightbox. If you think that your fabric lightbox will need more durability, you can specify your needs while preparing to order your lightbox.

The Right Choice
Our experienced professionals will be able to walk you through all of your options and needs when you decide to buy a fabric lightbox. Please take your time and carefully consider all your options, as the right lightbox choice will undoubtedly make your business shine and maximise brand awareness.

Request a Consultation
Would you like to request a free consultation and learn more about our fabric lightboxes? Hardy Signs can be reached at 01283 569 102 if you would like to schedule an appointment for a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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