Wallpaper Graphics

If you are someone who is running a business and would like to spruce up your already existing place in an incredibly cost-efficient manner, then our wallpaper graphics would be the perfect service to opt for. Wallpaper graphics are an incredible and reliable medium to adhere your desired digital graphics onto the walls of your business. They are great when it comes to adding vibrancy, personality, and texture while utilizing the same space.

Wallpaper Graphics

Here at Hardy Signs, we equip our team with the best tools and equipment. To ensure that our entire process is able to fulfill and exceed your expectations, we reinvest our profits into securing advanced and modern technology to make our manufacturing process of creating digital wallpaper graphics incredibly efficient and low cost in the long run. This is also how we are able to maintain our incredibly competitive pricing without compromising on the premium quality that we provide to every single one of our customers. With our digital wallpaper graphics, you can expect your workspace to liven up with some incredibly high resolution and vibrant graphics.

Brand Awareness

By choosing our services for wallpaper graphics, you will be able to enhance your brand awareness. This is because of the fact that our high-resolution and eye-catching graphics translated onto wallpaper helps in creating the perfect Instagram-worthy background. Once a customer is prompted to take photos, your business will gain free promotion and reach your target audience and potential customers much faster. This is especially ideal for businesses that run within the service industry, such as restaurants, cafes, and more.

Wear and Tear

The great thing about our wallpaper graphics is that they are incredibly durable and, once adhered to your wall, are incredibly resistant to daily wear and tear, which is ideal for a busy workspace environment as it prevents chips, stains, and marks. In addition, due to our premium quality material and vibrant designs, you will never have to worry about the design fading off, and wallpaper graphics are known to be much easier to clean. So, our wallpaper graphic services are a great investment that does not cost anything to upkeep on a daily basis, a feature that is quite ideal for all businesses, specifically small businesses.


The great thing about wallpaper graphics is that the wallpaper won’t be coming off until you take it off using our professional help due to the fact that you would like to change the design. So, if you think it is time to change the design, you can easily do so without having to pay heaps and heaps of money. You can simply get wallpaper with different digital graphics. This way, you can always keep your space fresh and up to date with all of the relevant information.

So, if you are looking for a medium that never gets old, never fades, can be changed from time to time without a hassle, helps boost your brand awareness, and costs less then you have found it. Contact us today to get started.

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Branston Golf & Country Club

Hardy Signs have once again partnered with a long-term client, Branston Golf and Country Club to design, manufacture and install full-colour digital wallpaper and graphics as part of a new £220,00 investment in health and fitness facilities.

We finished the studio off with two huge, full wall digital wallpaper graphics to further enhance the immersive feel of the space and create a real 'wow' factor.

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