PVC Banners can be used for a great many outdoor projects. In the Hardy Signs print studio, using the latest technologies, our production team create wide format digitally printed banners with fast turnaround.

When considering outdoor signage, it’s easy to overlook the basics. Ensuring that your visitors, customers and staff know exactly where to go around your site is imperative and Hardy Signs has a range of signage solutions to help.

Door signs come in all shapes, sizes and materials and, here at Hardy Signs, we design manufacture and install signage for all kinds of doors and entry ways.

These signs are, more often than not, the first impression given to anyone visiting your organisation and so at Hardy Signs we understand how important a fascia sign can be.

Hoarding signage allows your organisation to advertise and promote your message in advance of the official opening or launch.

Providing solutions for all key areas is a key element in our approach. We specialise in large scale signage for factory and industrial buildings – ensuring your identity is the focus when clients, visitors and staff arrive at your facility.

We offer low maintenance, eco-friendly options that will allow improved design options and brand perception, give 24-hour visibility and even benefit your site security.

Pavement signs, otherwise known as A-Boards or Sandwich boards form a flexible additional option to your wider signage scheme.

These durable sign systems can be customised with digital print and bespoke shapes and are built to withstand adverse conditions in their outdoor location.

Our skilled team regularly employ traditional techniques such as gold-leaf gilding and hand-painting to create iconic British public house style project.

Using high-quality materials and the latest print technology, our range of traffic signs will form a crucial part of your outdoor signage scheme whilst ensuring your organisation complies with UK legislation and best practice.

Whether you are looking for single, one-off signage for an event or you require a full suite of signage for your hospital or school, we can help.

Outdoor Signage

It’s all about first impressions. Whatever type of business you have… when you invite customers, visitors and staff; your building, and in particular your outdoor signage, creates an impression that will last in the memory.

At Hardy Signs we want you to offer a unique and inspiring first impression – after all, who wants to sink into the background? Are you looking for a new shop fascia to attract those customers? Perhaps some outdoor signs to direct and inform your audience around your site? Or are you looking for your name in lights – to be seen from miles away!? We have everything to make your outdoor space achieve its potential, take a look at our range of outdoor signage…

External signage is an incredibly important part of any business’s marketing strategy and often one that is quite overlooked. Within the digital era, businesses often focus on strategies that fall within digital marketing. However, in order to enhance brand recognition, brand awareness, and overall brand equity, it is vital that businesses integrate tangible aspects, such as external signage, within their marketing strategies. That is not all; external signage is a great way to advertise your business to your target audience in a way that is incredibly cost-effective.

How They Work

External signage is used to fulfil two functions; first, it is used to advertise your business at the location to the surrounding area, and secondly, if done right, it can create a lasting and positive impact on your potential customers. This is great for most businesses, as they help create awareness for the brand wherever the brand is set up. External signage is also something that would catch the eye of potential customers on a daily basis, unlike digital advertisements, which our devices are over-saturated with and therefore are more often than not ignored. With anything in the world, your first impression counts, which is something that applies to businesses as well. Our external signage will help in creating a message that is relayed to your target audience in an effective and eye-catching manner. They will also help in creating a sense of familiarity with the target audience. Once they have made a note of your brand and understood what it is that you do, they will be able to recall your brand as well as its location when in time of need. This is particularly helpful in turning potential customers into sales leads. External signage helps in making your local target audience as familiar with your brand as we, as humans are drawn towards options that we are more familiar and comfortable in. So, there is no doubt that when it comes to creating and enhancing brand awareness, recognition, recall, and perception, external signage is a great and cost-efficient method of achieving it all.

External Signage at Hardy Signs

The great thing is that here at Hardy Signs, we will take care of the entire process of creating, designing, and installing your external signage for you. We have an in-house team of well-versed designers who understand the mechanisms behind what it takes to catch the eye of the target audience while creating a positive and lasting impact on them. To help them achieve this, we have an extensive design studio with state-of-the-art software that helps them bring your vision to life in the best way. Our team also conducts site visits, which will help them in pinpointing the best strategic locations where we can place your external signage for you. This will help maximize the visibility of your external signage to attract the greatest number of potential customers. We also have an in-house team of incredibly trained and skilled installers who have years upon years of experience.

So, if you are looking to create and enhance brand equity in a cost-efficient way, don’t hesitate and contact us today.

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In November 2018, Marley Eternit Ltd, announced a rebrand project to take place before the end of the year and Hardy Signs Ltd were contracted to orchestrate the change.

With a wide range of signage sizes and materials to work with, the team employed specialist access equipment in the form of scissor lifts to access the high-level and challenging locations.

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Outdoor signage encompasses a diverse range of products and services.

we’ve broken them down in to ‘bite-size’ sections to help you find exactly what you’re looking for… or to simply find inspiration for your next project. Select from the various aspects of outdoor signage below:

We're geared up for anything

With more than 25 years’ at the forefront of the industry, we have the knowledge and experience to successfully deliver the smallest, simple requirements to the largest, most complicated projects.

Our teams are fully trained in electrical and mechanical processes and hold certification in health and safety procedure as well as access machinery and equipment.

Strict planning constraints? High-level access requirements? Hardy Signs is equipped to deal with your project’s unique requirements, ensuring maximum impact with minimum inconvenience.


“The new signage has gone down very well - not only with our staff who are very important to us, but also to our customers who come in and like what they see.''

''The products and service that Hardy Signs has provided is part of our exciting expansion plans across all of our sites going in to 2019. At Fairfax Meadow our unrivalled expertise provides many benefits to our customers at all stages of the supply chain. it is very important and reassuring for us to have that same level of service from our own suppliers such as Hardy Signs.''

Chriss Jacobs - Fairfax Meadow