5S boards

For businesses looking to encourage greater productivity and improve performance, 5S boards should be a key consideration. This visual sign helps to track progress where you have broken down goals or steps that need to be accomplished. The boards provide a convenient and simple way of visualising this progress so that all employees can feel more vested and kept informed.

What is the 5S process?

The 5S process stands for the five-step process. It is a methodology designed to nurture a more organised and productive work environment or workplace culture. The 5 S’s stand for Sort, Straighten or Set in order, Shine, Standardise, and Sustain. These steps are intended to help businesses become more disciplined to achieve greater improvement, efficiency, and effectiveness. It is a cyclical process that is meant to become a habit as the business continues to assess and improve upon itself.

5S boards provide a visual means to remind employees of this process. They are used to create shadow boards that can be customised in terms of design, size, and colour. Colour coding is a helpful way to create an informative visual effect. Their design can be combined with other signage elements like magnetic labels and document holders for greater versatility.

Incorporating 5S boards in the workplace can allow you to use them for multiple functions, including storage and organising workspaces. The boards are often used in janitorial and kitchen areas. Any workspace that makes use of equipment or tools that can cause confusion can benefit from the use of this signage.

Benefits of 5S boards

Easy to understand

S5 boards are designed to be simply identified and understood. They are clearly labelled to help employees understand their purpose and use. They also often incorporate magnetic areas or whiteboards which allow for additional information or updates to be provided if needed.


5S boards can be made from various materials, with wood, metal and acrylic frames often being the standard. When made from quality materials, they can be highly durable, even where they are frequently having to be handled.


These boards can be customised in an array of designs to accommodate even the hanging of tools or cleaning equipment. They can be colour coded in various colours and labelled. Their designs can also incorporate branding and other messaging to inspire, educate and guide employees. They can also be made for mounting on the wall, to be floor fixed, or as mobile stations. They can also be made single or double-sided.


The use of 5S boards can help to keep the work environment well organised, with everything being in its marked space. This can help improve performance and efficiency as there is little confusion, even with newer employees. There is also likely to be a reduction in the misplacement or loss of items.


These boards also encourage better hygiene when it comes to equipment. There is less risk of cross-contamination due to designated storage and clear labelling that asserts what each item is supposed to be used for. In times such as the pandemic, this kind of organization and clarity helps to reduce the risk that employees will get sick and transmit illnesses. The boards are also made of materials that make them easy to clean and able to tolerate chemical cleaners or sanitisers.

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