With an extensive range of stock colour films including matt, gloss and metallic effects – we’re sure to have the perfect solution for your project.

Creative letters and logos with the addition of ‘halo’ style illumination.

Face illumination available for three-dimensional acrylic and metal lettering and logos.

Nothing rivals the overall look of a traditional neon sign.

Flex Face Light Box signs are typically used for high impact, large signage displays.

A bespoke manufactured illuminated signage solution with dynamic impact.

A popular and robust way of illuminating a wide range of signage.

Illuminated Signs

Incorporating illumination into your outdoor signage is a great way to gain prominent visibility and stand out from your competitors. Hardy Signs has supplied and installed illumination for a wide range of organisations that are aiming to bring life to their outdoor signage scheme.

Take a look at our wide range of 3D illuminated letters and logos, our custom-built light boxes, and separate, stand-alone lighting solutions for all types of signage. Hardy Signs can help by adding illumination for new signage projects or existing signage to maximise the impact on your organisation’s outdoor space.

Illuminated signage is a popular type of outdoor signage which is guaranteed to get people’s attention. It is the only outdoor signage to offer 24-hour visibility day and night. There is no better choice if you want to display your logo and business name outside for people to see at any time.

Hardy Signs has over 30 years of experience designing illuminated signage for customers. Our design team will use custom-built lightboxes and stand-alone lighting solutions to produce original illuminated signage for your business. In addition, we can also transform existing signage into illuminated signage as well. Once done, your outdoor space will be more popular than ever.

We can produce the following types of illuminated signage:

  • – 3D face-illuminated letters and logos
  • – 3D halo-Illuminated letters and logos
  • – 3D acrylic-illuminated letters and logos
  • – Neon signs
  • – Flexible-faced light boxes
  • – Stencil-cut light boxes
  • – Sign lighting

Hardy Signs has designed and developed illuminated signage for hundreds of businesses in Staffordshire and other areas throughout the UK. Some of the most notable examples of illuminated signage were for businesses like Burton Albion, Milford Fast-Fit, Rosie’s Bar, Brett Martin, and Plastic Omnium.

The Top Benefits of Using Illuminated Signs for Your Business

Are you still deciding whether illuminated signs are right for your business? Below are seven reasons why you should use them.

1) Multiple Options Available
Illuminated signs can brighten promotional images, logos, and designs with multiple colours and styles. For instance, you could use a fabric lightbox to brighten a photographic image or a neon sign to attract attention to your brand name or text content.

2) Night Promotions
Traditional outdoor signage cannot be seen at night. Even if there’s a streetlight nearby, it still won’t look good. The better solution is to create an illuminated sign, such as LED or neon. Then you can be sure people will see your signage at night or in any other dark environment.

3) Low Maintenance
Illuminated signage doesn’t require much maintenance. Cleaning and maintaining the signage can be done by simply wiping debris from the front of it. You won’t have to change the light bulbs too often because we use LED and digital lighting for most of our illuminated signage. LED bulbs last much longer than classic halogen bulbs. Of course, we offer neon lighting as another low-maintenance lighting option too.

4) Environmentally Friendly
We have environmentally friendly options to create illuminated signage for our customers. Our illuminated signage is energy efficient, long-lasting, and affordable to operate for the average business owner or private individual.

5) Custom Signage
Our signage teams are skilled and fully trained in the chemical and electrical processes required to develop these signs. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss the details of your custom-illuminated signage project. Once we learn about your design preferences for the signage, we’ll use our advanced talents and equipment to create your custom illuminated signage.

6) 24-Hour Visibility
Illuminated signage stays vibrant and visible 24 hours per day. So feel free to keep it on for as long as you want.

7) Enhanced Site Security
You can maintain the security of your business site by keeping on the illuminated signage. Most trespassers and burglars won’t want to mess with a site that has a lot of vibrant lighting and signage.

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Brett Martin

As part of the rebrand a new suite of external signage was developed; a key tool in creating a great first impression for any organisation. Hardy Signs is pleased to have delivered the manufacture and installation of signage for Brett Martin sites in Derbyshire, Luton, Coventry and Scotland.

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“We’re absolutely delighted with the overall look and feel of the new spinning studio and the space created. All users are able to reap the full benefit of all of the painstaking work done by our partners such as Hardy Signs. The finished product is a stunning, purpose-built studio that shows our commitment to investment and enhancement across the club.”


Chris Power - Branston Club