Shadow Boards

A shadow board that is used within workplace environments provides a visual representation that guides work personnel regarding the storage of equipment and tools. This helps a business in creating an environment that is not only safe but also much more efficient as it reduces time utilized by employees in finding the required tools and equipment from the storage.

Our Shadow Boards

Here at Hardy Signs, we provide premium quality bespoke shadow boards, all of which are tailor-made according to your required features, such as functionality, sizing, and more. Within the process of creating the most effective shadow board for you, our team will assess your space, equipment, and tools. The team will then create a customized solution that maximizes both safety and time-efficiency within your workplace using the shadow board. Here are all of the benefits that you can take advantage of by choosing our shadow board services.


Productivity within the workplace is essential for a business to grow and prosper, and our shadow boards will help in improving productivity within your employees. This is done by reducing the time wasted on a daily basis on pinpointing the location of a particular tool. It will also help guide your employees on where to place each tool back once used, creating the process of getting ready for a task much easier for the next employee who needs to use that particular item. Productivity is further enhanced due to the fact that our shadow boards also enable you to create a storage space that is much more systematic. This is particularly useful for businesses where workplace personnel follow a shift-based workflow process.


By choosing our shadow boards, you will be able to create an efficient process of tracing the equipment and tools that you have provided to your employees. This is because of the fact that our shadow boards are created with intricate detail and, therefore, can also be utilized to pinpoint whether a certain item is missing as all equipment will be accounted for on the shadow board. This will allow you to trace your items and equipment much more efficiently and identify issues without delay. This means that you will also be able to replenish the missing items in a much more efficient way, which keeps the workflow going. You might also be able to trace the person who last used the missing item and fix the issue at a much faster rate. Not only that, but it also ensures that safety within the workplace is not jeopardized. In fact, our shadow boards will help you and your employees in identifying whether there is any maintenance job going on with the help of empty slots on the board.

There is no doubt that our shadow boards will prove to be an investment for your business that gives you a great return on your investment. So, don’t hesitate and contact us today to meet with our incredibly skilled and experienced team for our shadow board services.

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Russell Roof Tiles

Hardy Signs have supplied Russell Roof Tiles with custom designed and manufactured shadow boards over the last years to help them in their manufacturing environment.

Shadow boards organise the workplace where tools and equipment are stored in appropriate locations close to the work area to ultimately create a safer, more efficient, environment.

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