Hardy Signs takes its role as a sustainable manufacturer very seriously. Between significantly reducing waste, energy-saving features and environmentally friendly materials and technology, our company works hard to reduce its impact on the environment.

We aim to offer an end-to-end environmentally friendly signage package to take businesses to the next stage.

Hardy Signs’ assets, capabilities and green commitment are not only essential for our commercial work but also contribute to the East and West Midlands’ industry and manufacturing richness. They are part of the extensive innovation in the region and facilitate the sustainable development of our local communities and our people.

Our Facility, Manufacturing Processes and Recycling

Commitment to the environment and the associated best practices in manufacturing are paramount to Hardy Signs’ vision. Over the past few years, the organisation has taken great steps to reduce waste, increase sustainability and maximise efficiency.

Our facility boasts 200 solar panels on the roof at Hardy Place, our headquarters. The 50kw photovoltaic solar energy system includes inverters that convert the DC Voltage into AC Voltage, which can run machinery, lights, power, and heating. The project has reduced £1200-£1300 per year in energy bills while saving the equivalent of over 2.5 tonnes CO2 annually.

When we look for suppliers, we ensure that they are sustainable, too.

Through our waste management partner, Willshee’s, 95% of all waste produced is separated and either recycled or goes to energy to create electricity.

Our offices are fitted with motion sensors for the lights and air conditioning system.

A single Printer/Scanner is available on our network – enabling reduction of power and cost.

We have invested in the latest print technologies, which has largely reduced lead times and wastage. All our printers are specifically chosen due to their green credentials.

In 2020, our company purchased the first hybrid vehicle with the aim of changing the entire fleet by 2026.

Hardy Signs Ltd is certified by ISO 14001

We want to be the market leader, the first point of contact when a customer is thinking about signage. We will do this in ways that offer equal opportunities for our people and benefit the community on a local, regional, and national scale.

The company’s assets, including headquarters, products, services, core competencies and people, have manufactured over 1,000,000 signs for over 10,000 companies since 1993. We invest in technology and hardware, enabling innovation and new ways of working while minimising our impact on the environment.

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