Braille & Tactile Signs

Hardy Signs are the UK’s leading manufacturer of tactile and braille signs. Our printing capabilities allow us to produce almost any requirement possible when it comes to DDA compliant signage. Our manufacturing team produces bespoke signage solutions in contrasting plastics, metals and more – which can be made to your specific requirements.

Typical locations where you should apply braille and tactile signs include various rooms such as staff room, consulting room, conference room, waiting room, treatment room, and the toilets, library, store, stairs, dentist, etc.

We have been supplying to the healthcare sector since 1993 and we are fluent in every signage required. Our creative team design signs based on the NHS identity guidelines. The font and colour palette are essential elements of the signage scheme within the NHS.

An Enhanced Experience

For the visually impaired, having accessibility to braille enables them to be able to be independent and make educated decisions. Braille and tactile signs also let any visually impaired employees or customers know that they are important and worth the inclusion that these signs give to them.

When ordering braille or tactile signs, be sure to discuss what material is recommended for use where you plan to post the sign. Some materials can wear down easily while others can last for long periods with the right care. If you’re planning to put the sign in a high-traffic area, you’ll want to go with durable material. Common materials used for these types of signs include wood, metal, acrylic, and plastic.

Placing braille or tactile signs in your business does wonders in helping visually impaired people to maintain a high level of independence. Whether one of these types of signs is displayed in a restaurant, hotel, airport, doctor’s office, or other public location, they facilitate independence and productivity for a visually impaired person.

Inspired Trust in Your Business

You can imagine the frustration and even anxiety a visually impaired person may experience when there’s no braille or tactile sign to help guide their way. It makes it easy to understand why having these signs in your business matters to these customers. Avoiding frustration and anxiety opens a person up to having a favorable impression of a business that shows that they care.

Any business that wants to be successful knows that safety must be of a high priority. A visually impaired person who has braille or tactile signs easily accessible is more likely to be able to remain safe either as an employee or guest. In extreme cases, braille or tactile signs can help save a life if posted where a visually impaired person needs to be able to find emergency exits.

Safety, Style, and Satisfaction

With braille or tactile signs, a business can help maintain the safety of a workplace while providing anyone on site with a visual impairment to remain mobile. When ordering your sign, consider the size and location where you will be posting them. Think about signs for directions and identifiers (bathroom, break room, elevator, emergency exit, etc.).

When a business values all of the people who walk through its doors, word will get out about how welcoming and inclusive it is. Being valued can go a long way in how a business is perceived and how it performs. Investing in braille or tactile signs can do great things for any business, and we’re here to make that possible.

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National Health Service England

The NHS has been one of our most loyal customers since the company was founded in 1993.

Hardy Signs has become a preferred signage supplier for the NHS and we've been supplying a variety of signage including internal signage, external signage, digital signage, health and safety signage, wayfinding directory, braille and tactile and more.


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We combine industry expertise with innovative technology to deliver an unrivalled signage and display service.

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