3D Letters & Logos (Face Illuminated)

Typically, these custom-fabricated individual units have internal LED lights which illuminate an acrylic face.

A wide range of shapes and sizes can be achieved for internal and external use.

We manufacture built-up metal and acrylic letters complete with white, coloured or colour-changing high brightness LEDs for face illumination.

Take away all of the hassles and let our installation team complete the task for you.

We’ll take care of every element, leaving you with a professional finish.

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Grosvenor Shopping Centre

Working through the night to ensure minimal disruption, the HS team introduced several sets of three-dimensional letters and logos which are illuminated from within via LED.

The range included projecting signage for Boots and Clarks as well as other centre brands.

In order to tackle the project, the team utilised special scissor access equipment and successfully created a bespoke fabricated fixing structure for the centre’s new steel canopy.

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