Obex Protection

Obex Protection is a specialist manufacturing company based in Worcester. They convert and distribute surface protection films, adhesive tapes, EPDM membranes and other associated products to manufacturers, fabricators, installers, resellers, and contractors. They are a family run business with over 25 years of experience in this industry.

Obex came to us just over a month ago and required illuminated signage with a quick turnaround, this sign would be powder coated, built-up, illuminated letters on the side of the building. Adding illuminated signage to your business can really change the overall effect.

Typically, these custom-fabricated individual units have internal LED lights which illuminate an acrylic face. A wide range of shapes and sizes can be achieved for internal and external use. We manufacture built-up metal and acrylic letters complete with white, coloured, or colour-changing high brightness LEDs for face illumination.

They are committed to providing global clients with the most comprehensive EPDM membrane system. They are global leaders in glazing and sealing technology and are constantly developing innovative methods to bring the best solutions to the current market.