Obex Protection

We are thrilled to spotlight our collaboration with Obex Protection, a leading provider of innovative solutions in building protection based in Worcester. Our partnership with Obex allows us to showcase our expertise in creating externally illuminated signage that enhances brand visibility and reinforces brand presence and identity.

Our team of experienced designers and sign makers went to work conceptualising and crafting bespoke illuminated signage solutions tailored to Obex’s unique requirements. Utilising state-of-the-art LED technology, we ensured that Obex’s signage shines brightly day and night, creating a captivating presence that cannot be ignored. Whether it’s welcoming visitors, directing customers, or simply sparking the curiosity of potential clients, Obex’s illuminated signage leaves a lasting impression that speaks volumes about their commitment to excellence.


If you want to elevate your brand presence with externally illuminated signage, get in touch and let’s talk signs!

Let’s illuminate your path to success together.

3D Acrylic Illuminated Letters & Logos

Acrylic lettering is a great signage solution that can be found in any range of colours, size and finishes.

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