Bus and coach wraps are ideal for any uses such as long term and short term campaigns as they can be applied and removed very efficiently.

Bus wrapping is a popular service that supports short-term and long-term campaigns.

The Department for Transport recommends a best practice that all vehicles stopping on the highway shall be equipped with high visibility rear markings.

Using a combination of latex print technology and an extensive range of vinyl films, our manufacturing team will create bespoke graphics and decals to suit your every requirement.

Using specifically designed vinyl films, Hardy Signs can apply complex, photo-quality designs to the exterior surface of almost any vehicle.

Reflective Graphics (Chapter 8)

Using specifically designed vinyl films, Hardy Signs can apply complex, photo-quality designs to the exterior surface of almost any vehicle. Our latex print technology will create vibrant designs which our experienced installers will then apply in our dedicated wrapping workshop.

We use only the highest quality materials, designed specifically to adhere to all the curves and creases of a vehicles’ bodywork. Once in place, these films offer added protection to the paintwork and can be easily removed at any time you wish. Commercial vehicle operators are employing vehicle wrap to ensure an increased resale value of vehicles at the end of their service… remove the film and the bodywork underneath still looks brand-new!

Talk to our design team about how we can transform your vehicle or fleet of vehicles through full or partial vehicle wrap.

If you are someone who is looking for the best signage services for your vehicle and want to utilize reflective graphics, then you have come to the right place. Both of these aspects of signage are condensed into one service known as our Chapter 8 signage services. In fact, we are specifically known for our Chapter 8 signage, a service that we have been hired for by the Crown Highways, that too, for their fleet of vehicles. Despite our premium chapter 8 and reflective graphic signage services, you will be able to avail of the services for an incredibly competitive price. Here is everything you need to know about our chapter 8 signage services.

Our Service for Chapter 8 Signage

Within our chapter 8 signage services, which is also known as reflective graphic signage for vehicles, we utilize vinyl films, which have been specifically designed for our team at Hardy Signs. The special design of our vinyl film allows us to apply designs that are incredibly complex, that too while maintaining the premium quality of the design onto your vehicle. This special vinyl film made specifically for us also allows handling vehicle fleets of any scale.


Here at Hardy Signs, we are dedicated to creating the best of the best Chapter 8 signage products. To do this, we use our profits and continually invest them in upgrading our service equipment and technology that helps provide our customers with signs like no other. While costly, this allows us to provide premium quality signs while maintaining our competitive pricing. One such technology is utilized in our latex printing process, which allows us to create designs in incredibly vibrant and eye-catching colors. Our advanced equipment then helps our team of experienced and skilled installers to apply the reflective graphic signage with the utmost precision.

Premium Quality Materials

Not only is our equipment of the highest quality, but our material used within the entire process is also of premium quality as well. The wrapping is designed to ensure that it adheres to your vehicle seamlessly and is resistant to daily wear and tear. So, you won’t have to worry about losing the vibrancy of your chapter 8 signage over time. Once the chapter 8 signage has been applied to your vehicle’s body, it will not come off until it is deliberately taken off. The film also allows for removal without causing any damage to your vehicle’s original paint job. This also allows you to retain the resale value of your vehicles.


With the market saturated with companies, an effective and cost-efficient method of reaching your target audience on a daily basis is by having your vehicle fleet wrapped. With our vibrant and eye-catching chapter 8 signage, there is no doubt that you will be able to increase your sales leads.

Don’t hesitate and contact us today. Once you’re done talking about your vision with our design team, you will be able to see your vision come to life in no time. Within our chapter 8 signage, we provide both partial and full vehicle wrappings.

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Crown Highways

We’re delighted to have been hired from Crown Highways to refresh the vehicle signage of their fleet. As per chapter 8 requirements, our vehicle signage team applied vinyl graphics to the body (sides and front) of the vehicles.

Reflective high visibility film markings were applied to the rear of the fleet to maximise the visibility in different weather and lighting conditions.

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