Crown Highways

We’re delighted to have been hired by Crown Highways to refresh the vehicle signage of their fleet. As per chapter 8 requirements, our vehicle signage team applied vinyl graphics to the body (sides and front) of the vehicles. Reflective high visibility film markings were applied to the rear of the fleet to maximise the visibility in different weather and lighting conditions. Our team also installed a fascia sign at their HQ. Crown Highways are a specialist sub-contractor who offer a wide range of services to their valued clients on the UK’s motorways, trunk roads and local authority network.

Both our organisations are proud members of the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce.

The Department for Transport recommends a best practice that all vehicles stopping on the highway shall be equipped with high visibility rear markings. We use only the highest quality materials, designed specifically to adhere to all the curves and creases of a vehicles’ bodywork. Once in place, these films offer added protection to the paintwork and can be easily removed at any time you wish.