Kaizen boards

Kaizen boards can be great visual tools that allow teams and businesses to track change and progress. In fact, the Japanese word “Kaizen” generally means to make a change for the better. The use of these boards provides visual motivation and proof of growth.

Adjust and Adapt

When using Kaizen boards, a business can continually adjust and adapt the board as workplace needs change and goals are met or exceeded. This visual aid is a great way to keep a team focused and accountable on how a business performs over time.

There are many areas in which a Kaizen board can help steer and even increase production in any business. It can help to reduce or eliminate waste, increase productivity, increase process flow and improve the value that is created.

Stay Focused

Kaizen boards provide a focus area for all involved in the evolution of change in a business. There is no one set method in which to use the board, as every process in each work environment is unique. The best way to use a Kaizen board is to view it as a tool rather than a hardline regulation.

Make It Work

One of the best places to start with creating a Kaizen board is when you have meeting after meeting where great ideas are being suggested for productivity improvement but nothing ever comes from it. Once the meeting ends, the ideas seem to be forgotten.

Using a Kaizen board is a great way to get those great ideas onto a tangible reminder to implement them to improve processes and workflows. If there doesn’t seem to be any time for someone to get a Kaizen board to a place where it can make a difference, consider giving an employee an hour a day during work to put it together. The small amount of time designated for the completion of a Kaizen board should pay off in the long run.

Get the Right Kaizen Board

Kaizen boards are made in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be adjusted as needed. While a board can be pretty basic, there are many ways to personalize and create Kaizen boards that suit each business’s needs.

Post-it notes provide a way to continually make progress on your board and make updates about the goals and flow of a business. Another way to use a Kaizen board is to highlight the people who are actively and successfully contributing to the ideas, change, and implementation of the work.

When deciding what you want from a Kaizen board, there are a few things to consider before placing your order. Consider the size of the business and how the board will be used. Typically, the more people who are involved with using the Kaizen board, the bigger the board should be for good visibility and input from everyone.

Next, consider if you want to use a white acrylic board that allows for an easy-to-clean, dry erase surface. Some businesses prefer to order a board with pre-printed graphics on it, providing a clear guide and timeline suited to their needs. Others like to have the option of ordering a board with a magnetic overlay to be able to add and remove anything from the board as needed.

Get Started With a Kaizen Board

Any business could be able to improve communication, ideas, and productivity with the right tools. With a Kaizen board, you can put your ideas together, track progress and enjoy a more efficient and productive workplace.

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