With an extensive range of stock colour films including matt, gloss and metallic effects – we’re sure to have the perfect solution for your project.

Creative letters and logos with the addition of ‘halo’ style illumination.

Face illumination available for three-dimensional acrylic and metal lettering and logos.

Nothing rivals the overall look of a traditional neon sign.

Flex Face Light Box signs are typically used for high impact, large signage displays.

A bespoke manufactured illuminated signage solution with dynamic impact.

A popular and robust way of illuminating a wide range of signage.

Illuminated Shop Signs

Illuminated signs are an excellent tool for attracting attention to your shop at any time of the day or night. They light up brightly for everyone to see whether they are close or far away. So if you want your shop to look better than your competitors’ shops, you should wisely invest in some of our custom illuminated shop signs.

Hardy Signs has developed and installed custom illuminated shop signs for over 25 years. We offer several different types of illuminated shop signage. Some of which includes the following:

  • – 3D face-style letters and logos
  • – Neon signs
  • – Flexible-faced lightboxes
  • – 3D halo-style letters and logos
  • – 3D acrylic-style letters and logos
  • – Stencil-cut lightboxes
  • – Sign lighting

What type of illuminated shop signage did you have in mind for your shop? What words and pictures do you want it to display? We will discuss these questions during your initial consultation with our design team. Our goal is to create illuminated shop signage that matches your specific goals and desires. That way, you end up with a final product that fulfils your shop’s marketing plan.

People will notice your illuminated shop signage immediately after the installation is complete. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night it is either because the signage is visible at all hours of the day. That is just one of the many perks of investing in our illuminated signage products.

The Top Benefits of Using Illuminated Shop Signs for Your Business
Do you still need help deciding whether our illuminated signage creation services suit your shop? Here are five good reasons why our custom-illuminated shop signs are perfect for your business.

1) Environmentally Friendly
UK business owners are more obligated to establish an environmentally friendly atmosphere at their commercial facilities. The great thing about our illuminated shop signs is they use LED lighting technology. Not only is LED lighting more energy efficient by consuming less energy, but it also doesn’t have any toxic gases like mercury or argon. So if you’re environmentally conscious, you have one more reason to choose illuminated shop signs for your business.

2) Attractive and Noticeable
Every business owner wants to attract attention to their signage. Illuminated shop signage can definitely make your business stand out from the rest on your street because it is vibrant, beautiful, and completely noticeable day or night. People who pass by your shop won’t have trouble seeing your illuminated signage.

3) Low Maintenance
Illuminated shop signage doesn’t require hardly any maintenance. The outside is easy to clean, and the LED light bulbs won’t need to be replaced too often because they last a long time.

4) Custom Signage
Our signage team will customise your illuminated shop signage to have any lettering, logos, or images you want to stand out. In addition, we take care of the electrical and chemical processes associated with the illuminated signage. So you won’t ever have to deal with any of that.

5) Extra Security at Night
Feel free to keep your illuminated shop signage on at all hours of the night to deter would-be criminals. Because the signage is so bright, no one is likely going to want to mess with your shop when you’re not there.

Contact Us for More Information
Would you like to discuss our illuminated shop signage creation services in more detail? Hardy Signs is available at 01283 569 102 if you’d like to ask questions and set up a consultation with our signage design team.

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As part of the rebrand a new suite of external signage was developed; a key tool in creating a great first impression for any organisation. Hardy Signs is pleased to have delivered the manufacture and installation of signage for Brett Martin sites in Derbyshire, Luton, Coventry and Scotland.

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