Magnetic Boards

Magnetic signage is a great option for organisations that want more freedom to change or update their signage, possibly due to wanting to keep up with changing seasons or other factors. The signage is made with a magnetic backing that allows for easy application and adherence to magnetic boards that you can have installed at your business premises or even on vehicles.

They are also a popular choice for use at sports arenas where they can easily be added or removed from displays for events. You can use them to track competition performance or for decorative purposes. They can also be used to put up notices.

Magnetic signs and boards can also be used for advertising use. They are also often used by businesses that use their commercial vehicles for advertising. We help businesses on the move install magnetic boards which can easily accommodate a variety of signage to match whatever publicity or advertising needs.

The flexibility they provide means you can switch up your marketing campaigns as needed, quickly and affordably. Other benefits you can look forward to with this investment include:


You can easily customise your signage on demand by changing up the message on your magnetic board. All that is required once you have the magnetic board is signage that comes with a magnetic backing that is compatible. Much like digital signage displays, the boards can be customised to whatever dimensions you require that will comfortably fit your premises or the size of your vehicle. You can also have the signage customised in whatever motif that suits your brand.

Easy maintenance

With the signage being laminated, you are also assured of ease when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Whenever you need to remove the signage, you are assured there is no residue to deal with as it adheres thanks to magnetic force.


Magnetic boards are built to be long-lasting and can be comfortably used in both indoor and outdoor environments. They do not fade even under harsh sunlight and can be wind resistant when properly affixed. The boards are typically made of metal that can withstand whatever weather conditions, making them ideal for use where durability is needed.


Once installed, magnetic boards are easy to manage. A single person can easily set up signage as they want or take it down, with no extra help needed. The same goes for when you need to clean. This is a big convenience for businesses or other organisations that have limited staff and may regularly need to change up their signage.


Beyond the fact that you can alter this signage easily on demand, there is also the benefit of having flexibility. More so when the magnetic board has been installed on a vehicle. Many solo business owners will have just one vehicle for personal and work use. Installing a magnetic board allows them to put up work-related signage during working days, and take it all down when they are off the clock. No other type of signage allows for this level of flexibility.

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