Illuminated Flex Face Sign

Unless a person has been in isolation for some time, they’ve probably seen at least one illuminated flex face sign while out and about. Flex face signs are often used for retail stores, shop fronts, and any other business that needs a large, flexible, customized sign that can withstand all that mother nature has to throw at it.

Typical flex face signs are made from a flexible material that allows it to bend and stretch under pressure. Sometimes a flex face sign will be referred to as a “skin,” in regards to how the sign can be stretched over the “skeleton” of the sign.

Stretching to Suit Your Needs

Several benefits can come with buying an illuminated flex face sign for a business. If you require a large sign for any location, this type of sign allows for more flexibility in size than if you were to buy signs made from composite panels or acrylic.

If you find that your business is branching out and you need to make an addition to your existing illuminated flex sign, it may be possible to fuse the addition onto the older sign. Even with two flex face signs, this sign will hold up against many weather challenges.

Illuminated flex face signs have internal lighting that will light them up from within their box. The outer design is made to be translucent so that the light seems to make the design of the sign glow. With personalized graphics shining through and catching passerby’s attention, illuminated flex face signs can make a memorable impression.

Some businesses may think that they can’t install an illuminated flex face sign due to size, weather, or more. But most businesses should have no problem having this type of sign installed. Many retail parks, stadiums, train stations, airports, bus stations, storefronts, casinos, restaurants, malls, and mobile vehicles have found success with their illuminated flex face signs.

A Meaningful First Impression

Though flex face signs are often associated with well-established locations and businesses, they can also be beneficial in other ways. Trade shows, announcements, product reveals, and extra large advertising are unique situations where illuminated signs can help you to stand out.

Great visibility, durability, and easy-to-recognize graphics are just a few of the benefits that a business can have with this type of sign. Illuminated signs are readily customizable, cost-effective, easy to transport and install, and have a long lifespan. These signs are also easy to modify when necessary.

A Sign Designed for You

When you’re ready to start shopping for illuminated flex face signs, it’s important to have your graphic design finalized and ready for the sign maker. An estimate of the size you’ll need will also be helpful when you shop.

Many businesses already know that illuminated flex face signs are made with great quality materials and are an excellent investment for their long-term brand recognition needs. With flexibility, longevity, and adaptability, buying an illuminated flex face sign can give any business an economical edge over the competition.

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