Tool Boards

If you run a business that makes use of several different types of tools that have to be used by different workplace personnel and would like a board that would help keep the workflow going, then we have great news for you. Our tool boards are exactly what you need. A tool board is a board used in a workplace environment where you can hang any type of tool from. Unlike a shadow foam board, a tool board does not restrict you from hanging a specific variety of tools. It is a great way to keep your storage space organized. Here are some benefits that you can take advantage of using our tool boards.

Tool Boards

Space Utilization

The great thing about our tool boards is the fact that unlike boxes of shelves, tool boards are thin and don’t take up space. Running a business, you would understand how pesky it gets to deal with bulky material. So, a tool board allows you to organize your tools without taking up much space and maximizing the storage space that you already have. This means that if your storage space does not have space for another shelf or box, a tool board is an ideal solution for you.

Keep It All In Sight

A tool board is also a great option for businesses that use a variety of different tools as it displays the tools that you have all in one place in full sight. This means that your workplace personnel will not have to waste their valuable time looking through shelves upon shelves and boxes upon boxes just to find a particular tool that they require. They can simply glance through the tool board and find what they are looking for within seconds. This also helps in streamlining the workflow of your business and increasing the overall productivity of your employees.


A tool board not only organizes your tools in an incredibly efficient manner but it also allows for you to always be aware of what tools are being used. At the end of the day, it makes it easier for you to trace all the tools and identify any if they are missing. This is particularly useful for any and all types of businesses as they will be able to identify, on time, which tools are missing and to either trace the tools or replenish the missing tools. Thus, a tool board, without a doubt, minimizes or completely eliminates any interruptions within the workflow process. So, you won’t have to worry about decreased output or productivity as the tool board will allow you to take appropriate action at the right time.

There is no doubt that a tool board is an incredible investment that provides any business with great returns. The best part is that here at Hardy Signs, we understand the potential that tool boards have and therefore manufacture tool boards of the highest quality. So, you can rest assured that when you choose us for your tool boards, you are investing in a tool board that not only organizes your storage space but also maintains safety.

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Russell Roof Tiles

Hardy Signs have supplied Russell Roof Tiles with custom designed and manufactured shadow boards over the last years to help them in their manufacturing environment.

Shadow boards organise the workplace where tools and equipment are stored in appropriate locations close to the work area to ultimately create a safer, more efficient, environment.

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