Window Graphics

Your windows or glazed panels represent large surfaces where films and graphics can have a huge impact. With our various products, you can choose to completely cover or simply part cover the glass depending on your requirements.

For practicality and safety, we offer solar films to reduce the harmful UV rays – in addition to tinted and frosted films for privacy and reinforcement. Safety films are a popular choice in retail, healthcare, hospitality and many other sectors.

Large glazed areas could potentially be unsafe without these films and their cost is often marginal in comparison to toughened glass for example.

Window graphics can be decorative and impactful too. Our large format printing capabilities allow high-resolution images to be applied to your windows and maximize your advertising space.

Still, want to see out? No problem with our one-way-vision film… benefit from colourful and dynamic designs from the outside whilst allowing almost entirely unrestricted vision from within.

To complete the project, our installers are well versed in window films graphics and will take the hassle away with our full installation service.

If you are someone who is looking for the best window graphics services, then you have come to the right place. Here at Hardy Signs, we are known to provide the highest quality window panels and glazed panels. Large surfaces within your business and commercial property, in the form of glazed or window panels, with the use of window graphics, can create an incredible and eye-catching impact for any passerby, which is sure to increase your sales leads. All done through the use of the highest quality graphic designing printed on films.

Our Window Graphics

Within our window graphic services, we provide several different variations that will help you in finding the best-suited window graphic for your brand and its image. You can also choose the sizing of the window graphics, where it can either fully cover the window or glazed panel or partially cover it. So, no matter what your window graphic requirements might be, we will always be able to fulfill them and exceed expectations with our premium quality products, services, and competitive pricing.

Solar Films

Here at Hardy Signs, we utilize solar films for our window graphics. These solar films help enhance safety. Not to mention that solar films are an incredibly practical film type. This is because of the fact that they help in minimizing the harmful effects of the UV rays found in sunlight. That is not all, as the solar films used here at Hardy Signs are much better than tinted windows or even frosted films in terms of both reinforcement and privacy. So, whether you have a retail business or one that falls within the healthcare sector, solar films are the ideal choice, without a doubt. In addition, when working on window graphics for large window surfaces, particularly those that are glazed, solar films are also much safer than toughened glass and are much more cost-efficient.

High-Resolution Graphics

Here at Hardy Signs, we work with the top and most advanced technology throughout the design as well as the manufacturing process. So, you can rest assure that by choosing our window graphics, you will receive graphics of incredibly high resolution, which are known to be much more impactful and eye-catching for any potential customer passing by. This is made possible due to our capabilities in printing large formats. So, no matter what the size of your desired window graphic might be, the resolution of the image will never be compromised. This means that you can maximize your space for advertising your business with complete ease.

e Way Vision [Contravision]

If you would like to be able to see outside, our film is able to fulfill that requirement without compromising on the vibrancy of your window graphics. So, you will also be able to see outside with an unrestricted view.

There is no doubt that when it comes to providing the best window graphics services and products, we put the most amount of effort into providing you with the best of the best. So, don’t hesitate and contact us today.

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