Hardy Signs is one of the leading exhibition display suppliers in the exhibition industry. We specialise in creating custom exhibition displays that will make your products stand out at exhibitions, trade shows, and other business events. Then you can attract more customer leads and other business interests to your company and brand.

A custom exhibition display will showcase your products in a fun and creative way. We can use a wide variety of graphic materials to make your exhibition displays reflect your specific promotions and messaging, such as polyester, PVC, and LED screens. Whatever it takes, we can deliver.

Here are the top four custom exhibition displays we can create for our clients:

1) Pop-Up Displays

Pop-up displays are easy to transport to different events because they come with a protective bag with wheels on the bottom. So you can practically set them up anywhere within a matter of minutes.

We have many custom pop-up display options, such as magnetic pop-ups, illuminating pop-ups, and fabric pop-ups. No matter where you put these pop-ups, they will stand out amid the crowds around them. The pop-ups are even adjustable so that you can make them taller if necessary.

2) Roller Banners

Roller banners are the easiest to transport from one event to another because they roll up into a base. Meanwhile, the high-definition graphics and colours on the banners are not scuffed or creased after you roll them up.

Hardy Signs can create a custom roller banner with a width of between 600mm and 3,000mm. Roller banners are perfect for exhibition stands in any environment, such as offices, retail outlets, and trade shows.

3) Modular Stands

Modular stands are one of the most customisable exhibition stands in terms of size because you can reconfigure them into different styles and shapes. Their flexibility and appeal allow you to use them in virtually any environment, whether there is a lot of space or limited space. It all depends on the size of your booth or some other setting where you’re promoting your products.

4) Freestanding Digital Displays

Freestanding digital displays offer unlimited visual customisation because you can showcase any imagery you would like on them. They are most commonly used in boardrooms and reception areas for guests and clients to see. But they can also be highly effective to use at trade shows as well.

Our freestanding digital displays come equipped with an IPS panel, touchscreen technology, built-in Wi-Fi, LED backlighting, and an ultra-slim and lightweight screen. You can put videos, images, advertising, or any other digital content that you want on it.

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Hardy Signs has over 25 years of experience creating custom exhibition displays for our clients. Our design team will listen to your specific requirements for your exhibition displays and then get to work immediately. Total transparency is maintained throughout the development process.

By the time we get done, you will have custom displays that maximize their impact on everyone who sees them. In addition, our custom displays are lightweight and easy to transport from one place to another for extra convenience.

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