A business cannot survive in the 21st century without attractive and engaging exhibition displays, signs, and graphics. This advice doesn’t just apply to signage at trade shows and events, but everywhere else as well. That is the only way to get prospective customers to discover and trust your business.

Here are the top 5 tips for creating effective exhibition displays, signs, and graphics.

1) Utilise All the Available Space

Don’t settle for small signage if your budget can do better. Instead, measure all the available space you have at your booths, entryways, exits, or other areas you plan to post signage.

Next, create a sign which maximises the use of all the available space. After all, bigger is almost always better in the advertising world. If you can utilize the space and make good use out of it, then people are more likely to pay attention to your promotions and brand.

2) Graphics Are Better Than Text

It is okay to have some text content on your roller banners, pop-up displays, and whatever other exhibition displays you use. However, don’t have long sentences or written details on your signs because it will turn people away quickly.

The best signage displays have lots of graphics and few words. People are visually oriented creatures, so they respond better to visual rather than textual content. So feel free to go heavy with colourful and vibrant graphics on your signage, as long as it corresponds with your brand and products.

3) Lighting Accessories Are a Must

There is no telling how much lighting will shine on your exhibitions and signs, whether you’re outdoors or indoors. Even if you are indoors with ceiling lights shining down, they probably won’t be bright enough to illuminate your signs completely.

For this reason, you’ll need to attach some LED lighting accessories to your signs to illuminate them properly. Then people will always be able to see the imagery on the signage clearly, even when it is nighttime.

4) Use an Original Colour Scheme

Always use an original colour scheme on your signage that reflects the colours and personality of your brand. People should see your exhibition displays and immediately recognise your brand because of their unique colours.

A typical colour scheme has no more than three different colours. You can rearrange these colours on the signage any way you want, just as long as you don’t add more than three colours. Then people will easily remember your brand after they see your signs.

5) Digital Video Content

Photos and graphics are still compelling, but they are not as engaging as videos. The latest revolution in exhibition signage technology is digital stands and displays. You can use this technology to play videos with moving graphics and impressive effects.

For example, you could put a freestanding digital sign in the lobby of your facility or the centre of your booth at a trade show. Then you could have a video playing which teaches people about your company and the types of products it sells.

In addition, you could go a step further by putting an interactive touchscreen display in your facility. Then all your potential customers could choose the information they want to know about your company and its products.

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