Sustainable Illumination Eco-friendly Solutions in Modern Signage

Nowadays, being sustainable is part of every business governance since the importance of it has been increased. Ever since society’s industrialisation, negative impact on the environment has risen rapidly, both regulators and consumers seek to get services or products from companies which are involved and continuously make effort toward sustainability such as environment or social issues. Businesses are continously being more conscious when they invest into a new project by ensuring that is sustainable option eco friendly compliant.


How Modern Signage Can be Eco-friendly?

Green, sustainable and environmentally friendly signage are terms that apply to most modern corporates today. Energy saving and a paperless work are the first important steps towards the signage companies in creating a ‘greener’ workplace. Digital signage can replace most of paper communication in an organisation.

Printing things out constantly on paper and deliver them causes a considerable amount of pollution and its pricey. Furthermore, many of the papers produced this way are not even used or stored. As there is a cleaner, cheaper alternative available, it only makes sense to make use of it.


Environmental Benefits of the Digital Signage Industry

Digital signage is able to transmit anything to anyone wherever your audiences are and it’s repeated continuously. It also improves communication. This dramatically reduces printing time and the waste of valuable paper resources.

Digital signage can help you develop your business and increase communication. Standard LCD screens aren’t always the most appropriate indoor signage solution because of the underlying technology of the screen. In some instances it has more advantages if static images are preferred.


Energy Efficient

LED lights are an energy-efficient light source. The light uses up to 80% less battery power than traditional incandescents. Having ambient light with lowered energy costs can help you reduce your environmental impact. They should also remember that energy consumption does not compromise brightness. The LED light uses very few resources to create the light of older bulbs. You can have less lighting and have a more precise display.


Recyclable Resource

If the lifespan of a digital signage has come to an end there is no ned to dispose it. The chemicals that have made the signage are recyclable materials. The recycled materials can be turned into other furniture or useful objects.

Sustainable signage can really be the world the ultimate green, carbon-negative alternative to scarce hardwoods and even non-renewable resources from concrete and metals to plastics. Ink that is free of non renewable resources or chemicals at a 100% is nearly imposible to find and given this many signages are using the water based inks which contain less harsh chemicals and no petrolium.


Reusable Materials

Reusable signs can be used several times, reducing the demand for persistent replacements, and decreasing the amount of waste. A sustainable and innovative solution is having a sign, banner, light boxes, panels and more which can be used again and again.


Invest in Digital Signage Solutions

Investing in quality digital displays can be updated from a remote place through a device or software, which will decrease the need for printed materials and save the sources. In the sustainability aspect choosing digital signage instead of traditional printing can be a much greener solution.

Of course, there is a cost behind digital signage solutions; however, it offers other benefits, such as reduced paper waste. Digital signage solutions require no paper. The whole process is executed digitally through software and other programs. Also, it requires only one person to operate the sign panels in various locations, which helps to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.


Use of LED Lighting Technologies

LED lighting uses lower power consumption compared to halogen or fluorescent lighting, and this enables it to be more durable than fluorescent lighting. LED lamps produce more light than most LED lamps and offer an energy efficiency boost of up to 70%.

LED lighting has several advantages such consuming less energy and has a longer lifespan when compared to traditional fluorescent or neon lightiing which makes LED a much more suitable eco friendly choice.


Remote Operation

One of the advantages of digital signage solutions is the allowance that gives to businesses to update or change content in real life time from a remote location. There is no need to be physically at the signage as the software can be altered from everywhere. Compared to traditional signage, it reduces the need for transport and removals, which, as a result, reduces carbon footprint.


To Wrap it Up

At Hardy Signs, we remain determined and focused on increasing the usage of eco-friendly material in signs and investing in technologies that offer facilities for producing sustainable signage. We are committed to contributing through signage to reduce waste, supporting energy-efficient appliances, and improving our governance and regulation to achieve the objectives of ESG.

The continuous investment on advanced technologies have had a significant impact on achieving compliance in our environmental performance. ESG is part of our daily work, and our targets for the future consist of a greener environment and sustainable solution. Our award-winning team is trained through schemes in order to provide high performance when supporting clients through their journey of signage.

About the company: Hardy Signs is a professional and digital signage company that designs, manufactures and installs bespoke signage products to a wide range of business sectors in the United Kingdom. The company has been awarded the manufacturer of the year in 2019 and 2020.

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