The Science of Attraction: How Illuminated Signs Boost Business Visibility

To significantly enhance a business’s interior signage requires effort and expertise in knowing the brand well and the gaps that need filling. Planning signage and adapting it to the brand will take the business closer to success.

Not always signs are visible, and this is a result of passersby not being attracted enough. Investing in illuminated signs will bring several benefits to the brand: increased visibility and brand recognition. Ensure signs look visually pleasing because a quality finish suggests a quality offering.

Express your brand’s identity because consistent design helps with positive brand recognition and recall with target audience. For the best results, make sure to develop your signage projects alongside other media under your business’s more comprehensive marketing strategy. It’s important to understand that what’s on exterior signs on the outside reflects what’s on the inside.


Benefits of Using Illuminated Signs for Business Advertising

LED lights can be a powerful tool used to announce a business presence. Lighting has long since become an effective means of reaching new customers, and this still exists in modern times. The sign has advanced due to innovative technology in the advertising sector. A large illuminated sign is easy to find and lets your prospective client know you.


A Cost-Effective Advertising Solution

In a world of increased costs and high advertising costs, LED borders are a valuable and cost-efficient solution for a business wanting to increase brand awareness and promote the brand. Print advertising is expensive, especially in small businesses. LED border signage offers an effective advertising strategy in contrast to other forms of signage. These products require no maintenance, are efficient in energy usage and are built for long-term durability. It is an ideal long-term investment enabling businesses to display attractive displays that are attracted by passersby.

Lets take a look closer how illuminated signs can grab attention and attract customers.


Illuminated Logo Signs

On busy streets and motorways, in high traffic areas especially in the dark, human attention will be easily caught by light or bright objects. Logos are the first things that passersby can memorise quickly. The logo contains a lot of information about a brand; they convey brand values and personality. The long-lasting impression that the logo leaves through visuals helps boost visitors’ numbers. This type of constant brand exposure can make your business more recognisable to customers, which often translates into increased customer trust and loyalty.


Readable from a Distance

An effective illuminated sign design should provide the feature of being easy to read at a distance exactly what message it says. Elements of neon sign that play an important role include:

Font elements can make a sign look professional and readable more customers. Simple fonts tend to be easier to be read while other fonts make the script complex.

Space can help a brand’s image if used correctly. Usually, people tend to fill any inch of a poster or any other sign. Cramming too much into a sign design can make customers feel overwhelmed as it’s hard to read. There is no formula for the ratio of design and white space; however, it is advised to have a thirty percent white.

Letter size is also essential to consider as it determines the readable distance.


Attract Through Colours

Colour carry specific psychological, emotional and cultural connotations that influence costumers behaviour. The magic of colours is that they start communicating to the consumer from a distance and, if used correctly, can affect the purchase decision. Depending on the brand identity, values and services offered, colours can be chosen as per their attributes, such as red for excitement and blue for trustworthiness.

Colour combination speaks about a brand and boost brand visibility if the right colours are used. Light text in a dark background or vice versa is always successful in grabbing the target audience’s attention. At Hardy Signs, we have the expertise and experience to lead the way in choosing the right combination for your brand.


Create Presence

“LED signs and lights are perfect blend of sign components to announce your business stand and a brand presence Lighting has been for long an effective manner to reach new potential customers and still have the same power in modern era. Professional signage can communicate value and create engagement, increase foot traffic, such as attracting customers during dark hours. An attractive, prominent LED sign can become a local landmark, boosting your business’s local presence and aiding in word-of-mouth marketing.


Types of illuminated signs

Neon signs are a classic choice that gives unique lighting through a glass tube. They are known for their popular retro look, where neon signs are usually used for restaurants, bars neon gas can, and other companies that seek to create a vibrant ambience.

Illuminated letters are the new lighting technology using 3D signs combined with LED lights to grab attention. They are easy to customise and match with a particular brand and style digital signage, which makes them popular for businesses worldwide who seek to make a statement through signage.

Lightboxes have LED backlit text or graphics, making them extraordinarily bright and eye-catching displays useful for the signage industry advertising business signage and branding purposes. Also, they are easy to customise with different colours and printings. LED lights are known for their eco-friendly nature, consuming less power.



Attracting through singage can be challenging as it requires full expertise in the way of using every single element to work out in line with business goals, values and needs. Also analysing the market, competitors and latest technology advancements in order to stand out.

Our long experience in various signage industries and segments has proven our professionalism and dedication to providing high-quality products. At Hardy Signs, we are determined to achieve excellence and support our customers with high-end services through our award-winning team, which will help you throughout the whole process to get the best out of it.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and get our expertise help in your journey with signage.

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