Designing with Light: Tips and Tricks for Eye-catching Illuminated Signage

Illuminated signs can serve as a powerful asset for any business, enhancing attractiveness and visibility. Given the importance and power of this tool, it is prudent to consider various factors that can impact lighting, such as industry type, competition, target audience, and location.

The use of lighting for signage dates back to 1881, when it was first introduced in London in 1882. Initially, incandescent bulbs were used to illuminate a box of letters. Later, in the early 1900s, a form of neon lighting was developed, which employed neon gas in a glass tube and electricity to produce a light capable of being seen from a distance. In 1960, fluorescent lights were introduced, offering a less expensive illumination option than neon lights and energy efficient.

Despite the advent of newer lighting technologies, neon lights remain a popular choice led lighting for many businesses due to their eye-catching appearance and longevity. In summary, the use of lighting for signage and marketing messages can have a significant impact on the success of a business. Considering various factors that can affect lighting, such as industry, competition, audience, and location, can help businesses ensure the most effective use of this tool.


Why to use illuminated signage?

The advantages of digital signs using lighting are enormous when it comes to uplifting the brand. It gives life to the brand by creating a certain value and grabs attention quicker than other signs on high street. It helps to develop a sense of differentiation compared to competitors by showing reputation and attention to customer service. These days, digital signage is being used as a tool to advertise the business, and lighting brings in the potential to spread the message and make it readily memorable.

Last but not least, lighting in illuminated signage can help with navigation and directions into the space. Visitors find it easy to spot the difference between brand colours and lighting signage when navigating around businesses, which will elevate the brand’s reputation.

Apart from all the benefits, it’s a must to know how to achieve effectiveness through lighting options in creating illuminated business signs. Tips and tricks which will ensure brand recognition, capture attention, and increase visibility are as follows:


Customise as per the brand

Personalising has a strong power and influence into visitors behaviour to memorise the brand and services. Personalising is not only the logo and branding but much more, such as fonts, colours, messages and fitting in the space you have inside and outside of the store or business.

The brand message should stand out in any signage or lighting design. Trying to use a specific font everywhere helps to create comfort and a positive impact to customers. Also, light colour options can impact perception, such as bright colours can attract attention but bright also cannot be an excellent choice to represent the brand.


Create space by using light illusion

The first impression of a big space leaves lasting impression and a pleasant feeling in customers once they find it organised and sizeable. At Hardy Signs, we work with different industries and companies, and our experience has shown that space and strategic placement led lighting should be considered when installing lighting on illuminated signage. Using lighting and our expertise, small spaces can be transformed into spacious. Good use of light and colours can create the illusion of a big space.


Keep it simple

Being consistent and using simple themes and light temperatures gives your business a sense of comfort and professionalism to customers. The use of different lighting designs inside a building will not keep the customer’s attention and appreciation. Smooth and cool lighting tones will spread the mood that you want to uplift through signage.


Choose the right type of light

Illuminated signage has a wide range of light sources that can be adapted to a space. The choice led lighting must be smart to find the perfect match for the business signs brand. Options vary from spotlights to LED technology lighting, light box signs, letters, and neon signs. Depending if its outdoor or interior and the distance that you want it visible, those will help to take the right decision.


Choose materials wisely

The quality of materials is a crucial factor which affects the overall and final look of signage. Depending on the location of business signs,s interior or exterior materials change a lot. Exterior lights in illuminated signage should provide features such as durability in different weather conditions which will guarantee long lasting of the signs. On the other hand, when designing an interior or illuminated sign, the focus can be shifted to appearance, such as aesthetics, rather than durability. A high quality of materials used will reflect well on the business, ensure long lasting, and cost efficient in the long run.


Mistakes to avoid when lighting your space

Lighting the space can be a challenge in terms of finding the best fit for the company and brand. There are a few things to avoid when considering implementing lights:

Poor image resolutions and contrast of colours

Non-composition of images and texts

Displaying the same image or message/text on the screens for a long time

Skipping slides fast without allowing time for costumers to read

Choosing a long message/sentence to display



At Hardy Signs, customers have our primary attention. Along the process we also advise and support how to sign up to fit every detail to the branding of company. We make sure high resolutions and colours stand out clearly in the ambience used.

Features and advantages that illuminated signage and advertising provides are beneficial for any business. Achieving visibility in cold and dark seasons, advertising 24/7 and engage with potential customers and costumers all the time. At Hardy Signs with our award winning team we seek high quality of materials and professional installation. Along the way, the signage experts will support to generate ideas and find the best fit for your company and brand in order to lift its reputation.

About the company: Hardy Signs is a professional and digital signage company that designs, manufactures and installs bespoke signage products to a wide range of business sectors in the United Kingdom. The company has been awarded the manufacturer of the year in 2019 and 2020.

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