Revitalising Identity – The Journey of Company Rebranding

Companies must often reassess their brand identity to stay relevant while retaining their existing clientele. The process of rebranding is a strategic endeavour that goes far beyond just a new logo or colour scheme. It’s a holistic transformation that invokes reshaping perceptions, rekindling connections, and embracing change. In this blog, we delve into the captivating journey of a company rebrand, using our recent works with Pickfords Pharmacy as an example of a rebranding triumph.

Pickfords Pharmacy is the new identity of business crafted by combining three existing companies. The transition sparked a total company rebrand that would stand out in local communities. Hardy Signs were commissioned to create bespoke and eye-catching fascia signage, as well as hanging signs, and van wraps.

The grand reveal of the rebrand marks the significant milestone in the evolution that is Pickfords Pharmacy. From three successful companies into one singular brand – that hopes to be the trusted source of healthcare services at the heart of the community.

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