Burton Albion Football Club

For over 25 years we have worked and continue to work with Burton Albion Football Club. Over the years a strong relationship has formed and as Burton Albion has grown, so have we. This means in that time we have designed, manufactured and installed a huge variety of signage solutions. These include pitch-side ground boards, vehicle graphics, external illuminated signage, hospitality signage and digital signage.

In 2016, BAFC were the winners of the league one runners-up trophy resulting in their promotion to the Championship. This historic promotion was marked with a celebration in Burton on two open-top buses. Our team was then tasked to get both the buses vinyl wrapped and sign written – ready for the celebration. The buses arrived in the workshop, Friday morning, giving us just 24 hours to vinyl wrap both buses. In total, 150 metres of conformable vinyl was used for wrapping the vehicles.