Pilgrim’s Food Masters

Transforming Spaces with Custom Illuminated Signage: A Collaboration Between Hardy Signs and Pilgrims Food Masters 

The collaboration between Hardy Signs and Pilgrims Food Masters stands out as a shining example of how thoughtful and innovative signage can transform office spaces and elevate a brand’s presence. 

The Collaboration  

When Pilgrims Food Masters asked Hardy Signs to help them find signs that would not only make their business more visible but also show who they are, we started working together. Understanding the importance of creating a lasting impact through visual elements, both teams worked closely to create a design that would resonate with Pilgrims Food Masters’ ethos.  

Customisation and Personalisation 

The amount of customisation given to Pilgrims Food Masters was one of the best things about this collaboration. Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, Hardy Signs provided the flexibility for the client to choose the colours of the illuminated signage themselves. This personalised touch allowed Pilgrims Food Masters to align their signage with their corporate colours, ensuring a seamless integration with their brand identity.  

The Transformation 

When the lighted signs and office signs were put up, they had a big effect on Pilgrims Food Masters’ offices right away. The once ordinary exteriors now exuded a sense of professionalism and sophistication, drawing the attention of passersby and leaving a lasting impression on visitors. The carefully crafted signage not only illuminated the physical spaces but also illuminated the brand itself, symbolising its commitment to excellence.  

The Result 

The fact that Hardy Signs and Pilgrims Food Masters were able to work together so well shows how powerful custom signs can be in changing office spaces. By combining creativity, craftsmanship and a deep understanding of the client’s needs, Hardy Signs not only delivered a visually stunning product but also contributed to enhancing the overall brand experience for Pilgrims Food Masters. 


Finally, the relationship between Hardy Signs and Pilgrims Food Masters shows how to make signs that are more than just useful; they can also be used to tell a powerful story. As businesses continue to recognize the significance of visual branding, collaborations like this one pave the way for innovative and impactful solutions that leave a lasting mark on both physical spaces and the minds of beholders. 

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