ARNE Clothing

In 2023, ARNE Clothing partnered with Hardy Signs to create an array of signage for the pop-up stores of their UK tour. We created a range of sleek and minimalistic signage to reflect the brand’s essence while capturing the attention of the style-conscious consumer.

The foundation of compelling signage lies in a deep understanding of ARNE Clothing’s brand identity. What sets ARNE apart from its competition? By pinpointing their unique characteristics, we can craft signage that resonates with the target audience. The Hardy Signs team travelled with ARNE all over the UK, including Glasgow, Manchester, and Liverpool, with plans to showcase their brand in London this year. The pop-up events were a huge success which saw customers queuing down city streets for a chance to see ARNE Clothing’s new range.

The signage we created includes:

Full-coverage vinyl with text cut out.

3D built-up brushed silver logos.

Flat-cut matte black acrylic lettering

Fret-cut stainless steel sign tray


ARNE Clothing is synonymous with quality and minimalism and their signage should reflect that. We considered materials to convey durability and sophistication. From sleek metallic finishes to eco-friendly options, the choice of materials should align with the brand’s ethos. A blend of style and sustainability can make a powerful statement.

The key to effective signage is consistency across platforms, whether it’s in-store signage, window displays or digital platforms. The ARNE Clothing experience should seamlessly transition from the physical store to the online realm. Harmonising colours, fonts and imagery across all signage ensures a cohesive brand image that leaves a lasting impression.

Account Manager Scott Sudale said “It’s been great to work with ARNE on their Pop-Up Stores over the past year or so. As a brand, they are going from strength to strength and have a fully engaged client base all over the UK. It’s amazing to see the response the pop-up stores get whenever they go live on social media.”

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