Continued Work For Derbion Shopping Centre

In the bustling city of Derby, the Derbion Shopping Centre is a retail haven, offering diverse shops, eateries and entertainment options. As the heart of the city’s shopping experience, creating effective signage for Derbion is a practical necessity and a creative opportunity to enhance the visitor’s journey.

After a competitive pitch process in the summer of 2021, Hardy Signs won the significant contract to install new interior and exterior signage for Derbion shopping centre. The team worked through the night and hired a specialist abseiling team and powered access equipment from Mainline Access & Training to install the signage at such a vast height safely.

The managing directors from Derbion and Hardy Signs were thrilled with the outcome of the rebranding. As the Derbion letters soar over the Derbyshire skyline, we will constantly be reminded of this monumental milestone for Hardy Signs.

Here at Hardy Signs, we pride ourselves on manufacturing excellence and the highest level of customer satisfaction right from the minute we receive your enquiry. In the dynamic world of business, retaining customers is just as crucial as attracting new ones. Our reputation often gives us access to these jobs, but our stellar finished product ensures our clients come back to us for future projects.

We created more LED neon signage around the interior of the building, including the food hall and public washrooms. Derbion decided to use LED neon signage over traditional signage to make the communal areas look more vibrant and modern.