When we talk about signage the first things that come in our mind may be a junction, a shopping centre or a ‘keep the distance’ floor sticker. We find signage applied across all sectors and one of them is education.

Education establishments are a good example of the importance of using signage. Signage in this sector is important for all levels from schools to colleges, universities and more.

Many years ago, signage used in education was more basic than nowadays. The last decade has seen huge developments in this sector. National and international rankings, student satisfaction, and third-party inspections and surveys have increased the need for signage provision.

State-of-the-art-facilities hire only signage of the highest quality.

» In the past:

In the past, signage in the education sector were added in an ad-hoc fashion. The typical signs used were directional signage, such as main entrance and exit while other signs were not implemented in the right way, which in many cases lead to confusion. More effort usually has gone into the main entrance sign.

› Nowadays:

Modern times require state-of-the-art facilities and friendly and interactive signage. It is highly advisable to invest in high-quality and well-designed, educational signage. They can be an excellent tool to create a good first impression to visitors and increase engagement amongst students and staff.  

› Importance of Signage

Any educational building must use signage to ensure effective navigation. From the beginning of the academic year, in halls and corridors, changes in classes and the break will automatically create traffic. Students of different years have different destinations. Sometimes they move in large groups, which makes the use of signage a priority.

New students and staff joining must find their way around the building easily and the environment friendly. You don’t want this to be their first stressful situation on your premises.

→ Parents, contractors and other visitors must be able to find the right office or an information point for navigation.

Professional and Digital Signage is the most cost-effective and innovative way of improving communication and driving engagement between staff, student, visitors.

Smart Signage takes into consideration the high number of students in schools, colleges and universities and helps their everyday needs around the building.


Hardy Signs has a vast experience in the education sector.

Educational Signage

› Top 5 Types of Educational Signage:

1. Wayfinding Signage

Some of the most important signage for indoor and outdoor spaces fall into the wayfinding category. They are specifically designed and located to assist your visitors, your students and your staff to different places such as entrances, exits and different departments. Navigation becomes easier when you have the right level of information presented well. This type of signage is applicable to indoor and outdoor spaces.

Big institutions also include tennis courts, gyms, football grounds, car parks, several libraries, student union building, etc., and navigating can be just as much of a challenge.

2. Digital Signage

Digital Signs has proved a game-changer in all sectors. It is quickly improving the ways in which educational sector communicate with students, staff and visitors. Digital signage allows the sector to reach and engage with their audience through relevant, smart and consistent messages.

These messages could be scheduled or played in real-time and the content could be updated remotely from anywhere in the world. Digital solutions are scalable, and you could have as many screens as you want to play the same message.

Some of the popular solutions include:

  • Free Standing Digital Screens >>
  • LCD Hand Sanitiser >>
  • Dual-Sided Outdoor Screens >>
  • Visitor and Contractor Management System >>
  • Videowall >>

3. Motivational Signage:

Motivational signage plays an important role in education as it helps to encourage students and promotes good behaviour and wellbeing.

They could be ultra-creative, or minimalistic, and some ideas include:

  • Wall graphics with motivational phrases
  • Digital wallpaper exhibiting institution’s core values and mission statement
  • Digital screens promoting the importance of eating healthy and other activities
  • Wall graphics or glass manifestations that celebrate success
  • Large Banners promoting things like Ofsted Rating, national and international ratings, i.e. ‘University of the year 2019’, etc.

'University of the Year' Banner

            Nottingham Trent University displayed this banner in their premises during the last academic year to celebrate their success.

4. Health and Safety:

Health and Safety and safeguarding are more important than ever before.

The wayfinding system should include health and safety signs in order to be effective and compliant; Starting from the main entrances and exits which should be visible and free at all times. Health and safety signs are typically used across all school areas (e.g. classrooms, halls, canteens) and can help in case of an emergency.

New Academic Year 2020-2021:

The new academic year requires even higher health and safety measures. To protect their staff and students against Covid-19, the education sector is embracing a variety of signage, which include:

  • Safety Screens and Sneeze Guards >>
  • Queue Management Signage >>
  • Social Distancing Floor Graphics >>
  • Sanitiser Stations and notices >>
  • LCD Hand Sanitiser Digital Displays >>

5. Exterior Welcome Sign:

It is the first thing that your key stakeholders will see when they approach your entrance. Signage at the entrance needs to be absolutely the best it can be. This provides a fantastic opportunity to promote your institutions and a great location for students’ and official pictures.

Burton & South Derbyshire College | Signage | Hardy Signs | 2018 | 1 Burton & South Derbyshire College | Signage | Hardy Signs

› Other Solutions Include:

  • Vehicle Graphics >>
  • Illuminated Signs >>
  • Door Signs >>
  • Exhibition and Events Signs >>
  • School Directory Signs >>


Do your best to inspire and motivate students and staff by using high-quality educational signage.

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In January 2019, we started working with Keele University’s Research and Innovation Support Programme (KRISP) into Lean Manufacturing and particularly the utilisation of Digital Signage in the manufacturing environment.

A comprehensive report was prepared with insight into the history of lean manufacturing, development of digital lean, how-to engage workers, agile manufacturing, etc. It also provided an analysis of the lean manufacturing products that Hardy Signs offers and recommended new areas that the company could develop to help other manufacturing companies develop their own processes.

The project was awarded the ‘Bringing Learning to Life award’ at Keele University’s Breaking the Mould inaugural awards.

Read more here.






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