Your brand name and image are everything in a competitive business environment. If you want your company to stand out from the competition, you need high-quality signage which illustrates your brand clearly and professionally. Then it will be easier for people to remember your brand and what it sells.

Below are the top 3 ways to maximise your brand with signage in 2022.

1) Vehicle Signage

One of the trendiest ways to promote a brand in 2022 is to use vehicle signage. Many business owners realise the benefits of printing branded promotions onto vinyl film wraps and adhering them to their fleet of commercial vehicles. It is an affordable and cost-effective way to promote your brand, whether you’re a small or large business owner.

Vehicle signage allows businesses to promote their brands whenever their vehicles are operated on the road. It creates unlimited advertising potential from one small investment because you don’t have to pay monthly subscription fees or other recurring charges. Instead, the vinyl wraps stay on your vehicles and promote your brand for as long as you want them.

Raising brand awareness is easy with vehicle signage. You can have custom graphics, logos, colour schemes, and other high-quality visual elements printed onto the vinyl wraps for you. These visual elements will promote your brand and make people aware of its existence if your designs are clever and creative enough.

The important thing is to have your branded signage on as many vehicles as possible. One commercial vehicle is okay, but it is always better to have several vehicles with signage on them. Then, if you have multiple drivers available to operate the vehicles daily, your brand will get promoted in numerous locations throughout your city or town. That is the best way to maximise your brand name and image.

2) Unique Colour Scheme and Messaging

Great signage is a work of art that captures people’s attention immediately. However, uniqueness and originality must go into the design, or nobody will remember it. You cannot simply recycle other people’s colours and symbols, even if they are templates or royalty-free images.

Audiences are perceptive and will notice brands with similar visual elements as other brands. So you don’t want your target audience to confuse your brand with another brand. Instead, you’ll want your audience to remember your brand precisely because of its originality and creativity.

Therefore, you should try to stick with one unique colour scheme and personality to go with your brand messaging. A colour scheme should have no more than three colours combined skilfully on your signage. Your brand personality is based on the font style, word usage, signage type, and the signage location.

In other words, your brand personality must invoke a particular excitement or emotion in your target audience. For example, the Disney brand has a sincere personality because it is cheerful, wholesome, and down-to-earth. The Gucci brand has a sophisticated personality because it is charming and glamorous. The Jeep brand has a rugged personality because it resembles toughness, masculinity, and the outdoors.

3) Technological Signage

Classic printed posters and posted signage are still suitable promotional materials, but they shouldn’t be the only signage used. We live in the technological age, so people respond faster to vibrant signage with lights and cool effects. For this reason, you should highly consider using illuminated signage and digital signage to promote your brand.

Illuminated signage offers many options to promote your brand all day and night. These options include:

  • Neon Lights
  • 3D Acrylic Illuminated Letters and Logos
  • Halo Illuminated 3D Letters and Logos
  • Face Illuminated 3D Letters and Logos
  • Flexible-Faced Light Boxes
  • Stencil-Cut Light Boxes

In addition, you can add lighting and illumination to pre-existing signage that doesn’t currently have any lights. That way, you can brighten up classic outdoor signage so people can see it at night. The more time people can spend looking at your signage, the more exposure it will give to your brand. Then you will have more people remembering your brand than you ever did before.

Get the Best Signage to Display Your Brand Proudly

There are no limits to the number of ways you can use signage to attract maximum attention to your brand. Hardy Signs specialises in creating professional quality signage for all kinds of usage, such as windows signs, door signs, vehicle wraps, etc.

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