Workplace productivity is the key to any successful company. If you can keep your workflow organised and efficient in the workplace, your employees will have a much easier time staying productive. After all, employees always work better if they feel safe, secure, knowledgeable, and happy at their jobs.

The best way to improve workflow organisation in your company is to use signs and graphics throughout the facility. Each sign can indicate a different workplace section to help coordinate the workflow between various teams and individual employees. That way, it can reduce the number of mistakes, accidental injuries, and wasted time.

Below are the top 5 tips for keeping your workflow organised and efficient through signs and graphics.

1) Label the Equipment Stations

Whether you run an office or warehouse operation, your workers must know the locations of all the crucial equipment and technology in the workplace. This equipment could include computers, printers, scanners, copiers, manufacturing machinery, etc.

Equipment is a vital asset for sustaining productivity and organisation in the workplace. For this reason, your employees cannot have any confusion about where to find the necessary equipment to fulfil their job tasks and objectives.

Hang signage around all the equipment areas in your facility. Perhaps you could hang signs on the walls or cubicle dividers, depending on the design layout of your facility. Some companies even hang signage from the ceiling. Use whichever signage is most appropriate for your particular work environment.

2) Label the Designated Work Areas

Any organised workplace will get divided into designated work areas. For example, a warehouse may have a sorting area, quality control area, manufacturing area, management area, etc. Employees need to know where these areas are located to fulfil various aspects of their daily tasks and responsibilities.

Posted signage can distinguish one workplace area from another. As a result, new and seasoned employees will have no confusion about where to go when attempting to fulfil their workplace responsibilities. This saves time and efficiency amongst your workers, which leads to high productivity.

It may be better to use large signage hanging from the ceiling, especially if you’re working in a large warehouse or facility. Then it will be easier for employees to spot the various designated work areas without having to walk all over the place to find them.

3) Use Simple and Direct Language

Keep your signage wording to a minimum. People respond better to visual aids and graphics than lots of words and phrases. So if you need to put words on your signs, keep them short, simple, and direct. Use the signage to identify something precisely without adding too much detail. Direct language prevents confusion and misunderstandings amongst workers, customers, and guests.

4) Post Signage with Infographics

You cannot depend on employees to remember all the workplace rules, regulations, and procedures. That is why you should post signage with infographics and clear information around the workplace to help your employees on the job.

Infographics use visual elements and minimal wording to educate and guide people. Your employees will have a much easier time remembering company procedures if they have infographics to memorise rather than paragraphs of textual information.

Of course, you may need to describe specific procedures which require explanation. In these cases, keep your descriptions no longer than a few sentences. And again, use plain and clear language without being too complicated. The more visual elements that you use in the infographics, the better.

5) Post Wayfinding Signage

Sometimes the efficiency of your workflow may depend on your customers or clients finding their way around your facility. Offices, for example, are crowded and cluttered environments that can almost seem like a maze to somebody who has never been in them before. The only way to tackle this problem is to post wayfinding signage throughout your workplace.

Wayfinding signage provides clear directional information to guests and anyone unfamiliar with your workplace environment. This takes significant pressure off employees because they don’t need to take time to guide their guests through the building.

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