If you love colours, designs and decorating the office, vinyl wall graphics can change it all the way around. In any interior or exterior space, vinyl wall graphics can be a good choice for any business or organisation. They are broadly used for marketing purposes and for creating friendlier office spaces. 

Vinyl wall graphics are digitally printed vinyl designs applied with the material called vinyl. They can be used on different surfaces, and all the other details such as colours, shapes, sizes can be customized based on preferences or the business brand.

Vinyl has a long life in human history. It dates back to 1872 when a German chemist created the basic chemical mixture and was followed up by many other researchers and professionals in chemistry to develop the formula. There have been many changes over the years to create a good quality product. Based on statistics, many products are made of vinyl material and it is the second most popular selling plastic product, worldwide.

>> Where can I use it?

Vinyl wall graphics have the advantage of being used in interiors and exterior spaces. Applicable in a wide range of surfaces, they come digitally printed and customised based on business, brand requirements. As it is a waterproof material can be easily used in exterior spaces.

When it comes to choosing the type of vinyl here, we help with different surface finishes of vinyl.

>> Reflective Vinyl

It is crucial for us to make things easier and flexible, which means that applying reflective vinyl on exteriors especially will make it visible during the night. Moreover, it is applicable in any interior design, considering reflective vinyl to brighten up the wall side.

>> Photoluminescent Vinyl

Glow in the dark is the exact phrase to explain photoluminescent vinyl. The colours and material make it stand out from other colours and absorb them. It’s a great way to boost the marketing side of the business by making the graphics visible at any time of the day.

Some other versions of vinyl to choose from:

  • Mirror
  • Metallic
  • Glossy

>> Advantages:

> Cost-effective

It will lower your cost in the long run. Painting takes time to make it perfect, while vinyl wall graphics can be customised and easily removed whenever you need to.

> Easy to maintain

Another advantage is the maintenance; over time, it’s a low-cost maintenance investment. A very comfortable material to use and not to worry about humidity or dust.

> Visibility

Choosing different colours, textures, and sizes gives the comfort to customise everything in detail for a good looking at the wall graphics. It can be an advertisement of products, services, or the brand purpose, and it doesn’t matter; vinyl wall graphics will enhance the space and attract the audience attention. 

> Easy to apply

No matter the size, vinyl wall graphics are easily applicable. Depending on the purpose of applying the wall graphics, there are two options to choose between permanent or temporary use.

Vinyl material is suitable to print on it bright or dark colours, any kind of graphic while getting a precise and perfect finishing of colours.

> Vinyl Lifespan

Vinyl can be recycled. The need for recycling vinyl is doubled up recently because of its wide usage. The advantage is that there is support for the companies who recycle plastic and separate it from one another.

See more examples of vinyl wall graphics:

>> Why use it?

Depending on your brand and organisation, choose what is most helpful for improvement to stand out on walls:

  • Advertise and promote services, products
  • Signage: Wayfinding, health, and safety
  • Branding: Choose your personal message to display

Overall, vinyl graphics have many advantages in usage in graphic wallpaper. Practically transform the environment by making the most of it through graphics and all the facilities that vinyl graphics offer. Hardy Signs Teams will be there with the right advice for the different types of surfaces and all applicable types of vinyl.

Until now, you should have pointed few definitions for what, where and why to use it.

For any enquiries don’t hesitate to contact Hardy Signs Team for an excellent quality of products and printing. Find all the support you need for a smooth printing process and apply everything in place at Hardy Signs.

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