Illuminated signage are signs with lighting technology, such as LED or neon lighting. You can use illuminated signage in practically any indoor or outdoor environment, and it will be visible to everyone clearly.

Some examples of illuminated signage include Face-Illuminated 3D Letters & Logos, Halo-Illuminated 3D Letters & Logos, Neon Signs, Flexible-Faced Light Boxes, Stencil-Cut Light Boxes, Neon Signs, and Sign Lighting.

Here are the top three advantages of using illuminated signage for your business.

1) Nightly Promotions

The biggest benefit of illuminated signage is the ability to promote your brand or messaging at nighttime. It is extremely useful for outdoor advertisement at night because people can still see your signage as if it were as bright as day.

2) Competitive Advantage

Illuminated signage will give you a substantial competitive advantage over other local businesses in your industry because your signage will stand out the most. The vibrant, bright, and creative design of your illuminated signage will outshine everyone else’s signage on your street. Then customers will choose your business as the first place they go for your particular types of products or services.

3) Cost Effective

Illuminated signage is a cost-effective promotional tool. For starters, LED and Neon Lighting technology are both energy-efficient lighting sources. As a result, you won’t need to worry about accruing a high energy bill at the end of every month compared to the cost of traditional halogen lighting

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