The property development industry in the United Kingdom has been booming over the last 3 decades. In an extremely competitive industry, signage is likely to be one of the factors to differentiate competitors from one another. Project sizes in this industry vary and they can reach thousands of square metres.
There are three main subsectors within property developers which we will look at: Home Builders, Property Management and Estate and Letting Agents.

Home Builders:

Home Builders is a delicate sector that needs high attention to detail and more often than not requires signage. The first impressions count, and hoarding signage and flags are the first solutions that come in handy here.

While putting your best efforts to building your and your customer’s dream homes, you want to make sure you grab buyers’ attention, too.

A variety of signs can come in handy: Banners, Billboard, Bespoke Swing Signs, Hoarding Panels, Monolith Signs, Cabin Wraps, etc.

Property Management:

This is all about running the project effectively using a wide range of signs. A project manager will need to look out for different signs tailored to the application and purpose.

Prominent signs in this subsector include wall-mounted acrylic and Dibond signs, wallpaper and wall graphics, vehicle signage, window shades, perforated vinyl films, site signs, banners and flags, wayfinding, and safety signs.

Estate & Letting Agents:

There are plenty of options when it comes to letting agencies and we understand you need signage to stand out. It is essential to choose the correct size, colours, font and style unique to your brand.

Popular signs for estate and letting agents include LED window displays that display FOR SALE and TO LET, pavement signs, fascia, poster frames and various acrylic holders, wall mounted letters and neon, lightboxes, digital signage, vehicle wrapping and more.

Hoarding Signs

Hoarding panels are usually installed around the perimeter of a construction site and include several access points for contractors and vehicles. By definition, hoarding is a temporary boarded (or steel) fence in a public space, usually places around a building site.

They can be used in several ways:

  1. To show the local community what the new building will look like
  2. For health and safety reasons
  3. For marketing purposes
  4. To share different messages from local government or organisations, such as covid vaccination messages, encouraging people to vote, etc.

Keeping workers, visitors, and the public safe is one of the most important elements in the property industry. Building site hoarding will keep people safe and will likely boost marketing suite visits and enquiries.

Through hoarding, you can show different messages such as company information, project updates and flexibility in providing night-time exposure.

Cladding Screens

Self-climbing cladding panels are great alternative access solutions for high-rise façade installation, offering full protection to the floors under construction.

These screens allow the continuation of work in high winds, leading to programme advantages over traditional systems used over the last 30 years. They progress up the structure of the building as work advances.

Through our work with partners, we offer a fantastic opportunity that enables your branding to be seen by hundreds and thousands, and in the case of big cities by millions of people.

Built-up and Stand-Off Lettering

An essential area of branding for businesses and block offices is exterior signage which gives you the opportunity to display your company name and other details.

Flat Cut Letters are very popular solutions due to the wide variety of options and materials available. In our experience, the most popular uses are

  1. Wall-mounted (internally)
  2. Fascia (externally)

Three-dimensional letters can be produced in different font and size, colour and finish tailored to a client brief. The most preferred material is metal, stainless steel which ensures that signage resists for a long time while requiring very little maintenance.

LED lighting can be added during the assembling process to make letters visible at night.

Banners and Flags

Banners and Flags are two other great solutions that come in handy in this industry. Hardy Signs creates full colour printed flags of all shapes and sizes to support your vision for the outdoor space.

Whether you are selling high-end flats or new builds, flags raise awareness from a distance.

Types of flags:

  1. Feather Flags
  2. Vertical and Swooper Flags

PVC and Mesh Banners can also be used outside your developments to advertise an event or an offer. At our print studio, using environmentally friendly technology, our workshop team produces wide format digitally printed banners with a fast turnaround. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing HQ can print on any size available with high quality and our award-winning creative team create eye-catching designs for your company.

Visitor Management Solutions

Managing people on-site can be challenging. The reception area can become very busy at times and processes like pre-registering visitors, logging arrivals and departures and managing contractors on site can get messy.

Our partnership in the industry offers you a visitor management solution, all-in-one, that allows you to integrate all the above processes and produces statistical reports to monitor activity.

Visitor Management Software | Hardy Signs | Safetynet Solutions

About the company: Hardy Signs is a professional and digital signage company that designs, manufactures and installs bespoke signage products to a wide range of business sectors in the United Kingdom. The company has been awarded the manufacturer of the year in 2019 and 2020.

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