The Impact of Large Totem Signage in Healthcare Enviroments

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, creating an environment that is functional and welcoming is paramount. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by strategically implementing large totem signage. At Hardy Signs, we recognise the unique needs of healthcare institutions, particularly the NHS, and we are proud to present our specialised large totem signage solutions designed to elevate the patient experience. 

Why Should I Invest in Large Totem Signage?


–      Towering Presence and Clear Direction. Placed at key entry points, these towering metal structures become beacons of direction, effortlessly navigating patients, visitors and staff through the expansive healthcare facilities of the NHS. 

–      Customised Design and Brand Consistency. Our large totem signage solutions are not just functional but an extension of the NHS brand. We understand the importance of maintaining brand consistency and our team works closely to integrate NHS brand elements into the design. This helps to maintain a cohesive and professional visual identity. 

–      Illuminating the Path. Enhance visibility and create a sense of security with illuminated large totem signs. Whether day or night, these structures ensure that critical information is easily accessible. Contributing to a safer and more user-friendly environment. From emergency departments to outpatient clinics, our signage is tailored to provide clear and concise information where it matters most. 

–      Future Ready and Sustainable.We are committed to sustainability and working towards net zero. Our large totem signage is crafted with durable, environmentally friendly materials, ensuring longevity and a reduced environmental footprint. Embrace the future of healthcare with signage that stands the test of time.


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