Our bespoke fabrication service allows your project vision to become reality.

Bespoke factory entrance and PPE boards to inform and protect your staff.

A key element to successful lean manufacturing is compliance with legislation and Health & Safety laws.

Shadow boards and equipment storage boards are used in the manufacturing and service industries.

Our visual management solutions are designed to efficiently communicate data to the relevant people.

Lean 5S Products

The 5S process is a methodology that can help various types of businesses to improve their performance and efficiency. From manufacturing to janitorial services, the 5S process can be adapted to various functions. This means you can have different lean 5S products customised for your particular kind of business.

Understanding the Lean 5S System

The lean 5S system applies 5 concepts of Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardise, and Sustain to bring about a more effective, efficient and organised workplace. It promotes a clean and disciplined work environment that can help many businesses to boost their productivity and performance. It is an especially helpful methodology that can be applied to manufacturing and service sector businesses.

To implement this system, lean 5S products are used. This can include cleaning stations, shadow boards, organisational boards and informational boards. These boards can be customised in a variety of sizes and colours. They can incorporate a variety of messages to help improve how work is done. They can also be customised to be wall-mounted, floor affixed, or mobile. There is a lot of flexibility in how they can be designed to better suit the particular work environment.

Why Choose Lean 5S Products

Improves safety

By creating a visual means by which equipment or tools of your trade are kept organised, you can ensure better safety for your employees and customers. There is a reduced risk of accidents happening and employees are more easily able to get to what they need when they need it. They become more comfortable and motivated at work. It also promotes greater cleanliness and hygiene, which will also enhance workplace safety.

Better use of space

Many lean 5S products provide a more space-saving means of storing workplace tools and equipment. Shadow boards and shadow foams are examples of such products that make it easy to hang up these items, providing more floor space for other uses.

When you allocate a designated space for your tools and equipment, it also makes it easier to keep the work environment clean as you can more easily distinguish waste and get rid of it. You can also more easily identify equipment or tools that may need repairs or disposal. By having the right and effective tools on hand and using space more efficiently, you can more easily expand your operations and boost productivity.

Enhanced productivity

Lean 5S products help employees easily get to the tools and equipment they need when they need them. This means less time is wasted trying to trace items. They can get to work quickly, which increases productivity and ultimately, the bottom line of your business.

Increased workplace morale

When employees can work in an organised and clean environment, they become more motivated in their jobs. Dirty and disorganised workspaces can put a damper on the mood and make employees suffer low morale. When they can find the tools they need and can easily move around as there is no clutter lying around, more positive feelings and mindsets are fostered. This makes for a more cheerful and productive work environment.

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Plastic Ominium UK & Belgium

Hardy Signs is proud of the longstanding business relationship with Plastic Omnium, the international auto-parts manufacturer based in France.

Over the last 20 years Hardy Signs has provided a variety of services for Plastic Omnium’s several locations in the UK and in 2018 completed a major project in Brussels, Belgium.

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We deliver solutions which reduce waste and create a safer, more efficient, production environment.

Supplying and installing signage for manufacturing organisations over since 1993 has given Hardy Signs the knowledge and expertise to deliver these solutions. Take a look at the examples in the following categories and get in touch today to discuss how Lean Manufacturing signage can help your business:

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With more than 25 years’ at the forefront of the industry, we have the knowledge and experience to successfully deliver the smallest, simple requirements to the largest, most complicated projects.

Our teams are fully trained in electrical and mechanical processes and hold certification in health and safety procedure as well as access machinery and equipment.

Strict planning constraints? High-level access requirements? Hardy Signs is equipped to deal with your project’s unique requirements, ensuring maximum impact with minimum inconvenience.


The solution provided by Hardy Signs could not be more suitable to the task required. From our initial consultation, it was clear that they understand our requirements and had the knowledge and experience to not only design and build the project but to ultimately install it too. We would be quite happy to highly recommend the Hardy Signs team and their services”.

Paul Geaney - Lhoist LTD