As a student studying at Paulet high school & sixth form centre, I believed that it would be in my best interest to experience what a career in the graphic design industry would be like while developing skills of communication and teamwork in a working environment. I approached another company however was rejected, until a teacher of mine suggested Hardy Signs.

I received a phone call and an email enquiring about my request of work experience following the necessary details needed on my first day. They were highly responsive to my emails and open to answering any queries I had.



From the first day I was welcomed and briefly met staff down in the workshop before meeting everyone else. I was instantly able to get stuck in with work I had been asked to do – analysing the Hardy Signs’ website, giving honest feedback of positives and fresh ideas to help gain potential clients in future – expanding their brand across social media. Due to studying ICT at sixth form this benefitted my skills well, giving me a sharp eye when analysing websites.

I also accompanied others, prepping the showroom for meetings that would later take place ensuring each person had the necessary resources.

Along side using the printer and manipulating images via Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator I also accompanied Nik Hardy, Adam and Daniel outside to gain an insight of how a brief interview takes place showing the client collecting the new and improved finalised product. 


This not only gave me an insight as to how interviews took place but as to how filmography is done and the various aspects that are taken into consideration before such as the positioning and lighting of the camera along with the correct settings that best suit the images taken.

I spent my final day down in the workshop, aided in the design and construction of my own dry wipe board and placemat featuring my art as a leaving gift from the Hardy Signs team. That gave me the opportunity to have a final insight and get stuck in with the practical work alongside Mike. I looked forward to coming into work each day, eager to learn what I would be tasked with next.

Working for Hardy Signs for a week helped me immensely by experiencing a working environment, seeing how things work at Hardy Signs. I am truly grateful to have met such welcoming, hard-working people that were willing to help me when any query occurred. It was a pleasure and by far the best experience in the work place and wish the company luck in even bigger projects, working internationally.

If you are considering working in the physical and digital signage industry, I highly recommend that you reach out to Hardy Signs!


Sign & Print Academy at BDSC celebrates three years anniversary. Read more about careers opportunities here.

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