Giant Signage for Automotive Giant Plastic Omnium from Hardy Signs

The early days of 2017 have seen the completion of an ambitious and imposing signage project successfully planned, and executed, by Hardy Signs Limited. As a nationwide signage supplier, Hardy Signs were once again called upon by manufacturing giant, Plastic Omnium – extending a business relationship in excess of 20 years. 

The global automotive parts supplier now boasts more than 120 plants in over 30 countries with the latest location at Warrington in the North-East. The new site, covering 10 acres and including a 265,000 square foot warehouse, was completed in late 2015. Hardy Signs originally completed a full signage scheme for the site during the opening months – this having completed projects at sites across the UK for the company.

As time progressed, Directors working and visiting the Warrington plant identified the opportunity for a large scale sign that would allow the building to be recognised from a great distance. Following a careful planning procedure, the specification of the main exterior sign for the site was decided and, 12 months on, manufacture was underway. Hardy Signs fabricated a flexible-faced light box sign which was to house more than 1300 LEDs working from 24 transformers.

Firstly, the framework to support such a sign would need securing from inside the factory building and so the installation team worked in tandem. Half of the team were located inside, using a cherry picker access – while the other half were outside, working from a larger scissor lift platform.

Once the framework was secure, the LED system would be fitted and connected.

Following that stage, the Hardy Signs team would affix a PVC ‘skin’ over the entire framework which is printed with the recognisable OP logo in blue and white.

“The installation of a sign of this size is a complicated process and takes careful planning with skilled application” explained Tom Hardy, Hardy Signs General Manager. “The skin of the sign is in one single piece and so it took five individuals working together to position it correctly for affixing to the framework.”

With a high profile visit planned for the Warrington site, the Hardy Signs team worked late in to the night to ensure completion on schedule. “We encountered some unsavoury weather conditions as is to be expected for the time of year” continued Mr Hardy. “However, our team are very experienced and also well-equipped – a project like this illustrates why Hardy Signs are now one of the most recognised signage suppliers in the UK”

Facilities Manager for Plastic Omnium, Dave Scrivens added “The scale of the sign required for this project is what really offers the impact” “Our long working relationship with Hardy Signs gives us the confidence and assurance that we’ll receive a high quality service from start to finish”.

The sign itself now sits at over 30 feet wide and 26ft deep – creating a substantial impression on the landscape and ensuring the Plastic Omnium brand is clearly visible to traffic on the nearby M62.

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