Words are important as they deliver information, but a good font choice and a smart design deliver the right message to the people. Outdoor and indoor signage for law firms speaks to existing and potential customers. Law firms choose their location based on the accessibility and popularity of the place. Thus, the signage requires a perfect finish touch.

Did you know that

Top 3 colours used from law firms in signage are:

  • Blue, means stability and development.
  • Black, means elegance, classicality, and power.
  • Grey, transmits a sense of professionalism and formality.

And if you ever wondered, the first law firm that continues to operate is Thomson Snell & Passmore since 1570. Based in England, they hold a Guinness World Record.

Before exploring the wide range of products and possibilities for law firms, it is essential to remember that each signage (interior and exterior) should match your brand principles and identity.

Signage can play a vital role in creating a solid first impression for law firms. They intend to show the image of a trusted institution with high integrity while informing about the company’s main activities. Exterior and interior signage are important in the running of a business and the same applies to the law and regulatory sectors.

>> Types of Signage used in Law Firms:

1. Wayfinding Signage

A law firm can be enough big building as it needs inside the navigation system. From the entrance to exit the main goals of wayfinding signage consist of:

  • Simplicity: Design or text used should be easy to understand.
  • Relevance: Consider the connection between the place and the signage applied.
  • Flexibility: Showing all options available to customers.

Wayfinding can be applied in halls, meeting rooms, receptions, etc.

2. Directory Signs

Depending on the size of the law firm, directory signs can be used to show an overview of the number of offices, meeting rooms, and their respective directions and locations. Entrance and Exit signage exist to guide visitors inside the building. In order to be understood by all, they must be simple and straightforward. You could incorporate additional information to help visitors and customers navigate.

3. Room Identifiers

Law firms or a lawyer, in general, could have several offices or meeting rooms. Room identifiers are usually placed by the frame of the door, or top of the frame or on the door. You would pretty much find them across every sector nowadays. The design should match with the whole signage scheme that represents the law firm and their brand identity.

4. Regulatory Signs

Regulatory and safety signs for a law firm show a sense of professionalism and dedication to visitors, customers and employees. They vary from danger signs, warning signs, caution signs and queuing signs, to name a few.

5. Lobby Signs

Lobby signs cover a wide range of markers. If your reception area includes a huge wall, it would be smart to cover it with a lobby sign. The signage design here must be strictly unified with the brand guidelines. You can choose from a variety of materials like metal, acrylic, PVC etc.

If you find it hard to choose which lobby sign would be appropriate for your law firm, our multi-award winning at Hardy Signs will be happy to support you with advice, ideas, a mock design and more.

6. Digital Signage

Digital signage makes it easier to share information (health and safety, directional, agenda, etc) and promote services and offers more effectively. Digital signage can be used to upsell or cross-sell to your customers. By showing the right information, you could build trust and create stronger partnerships among your key stakeholders. You can control and update your content easily, even remotely.


  • Welcome message
  • Services of your law firm
  • Recent law changes
  • Information about the company such as mission, vision, core values
  • Announcements such as awards and certificates
  • Social Media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube
  • Showcase your website

7. Law Firms Signage in 2021

Due to COVID-19 circumstances, health and safety signs have been added to offices, internally and externally. Some of the most popular solutions include:

At Hardy Signs, you will find many choices for law firms. Our professional team can survey, design, manufacture and install your bespoke signage to exact requirements, whether it is one location or a nationwide project.  

Make sure customers can safely navigate your space without compromising their health. Temporary signs can indicate where to collect or drop-off products, remind individuals to practice social distancing and communicate other safety best practices.

Other popular signs are post and panel signs, outdoor banners, a-frames, digital wallpaper and wall graphics, roadside signs and more.

>> 3 Tips to take away:

Drive-by signage: If your location is accessible by car, then your signage should be close to the road so that people who drive can see you.

Eye-level signage and lobbies: If you are located in a busy area (such as a business park) and/or your office is inside a larger building, it will be smart to use lobby signs or other similar products. Our team could assist with ideas about the best products that fit your brief.

Heads up: Don’t expect people to look up when they are walking, which means that your law firm’s signage should be visible despite your location.

Law firm signage should be easy to read and it is essential to include your contact information. Make sure to use fonts that are easy to read from a distance. Integrate Digital Signage to your law firm, join the revolution.

>> Conclusion:

The challenge for financial organisations is how to connect with and educate clients in a rapidly changing landscape.

Customers aren’t the only ones to benefit when an accountancy firm or bank uses and updates signage in their building. The institution itself benefits from lower costs and higher engagement and satisfaction rates.

Help your branch to build a sense of trustworthiness with your client, as Ernst & Young says, ‘Trust: without it, you’re just another bank’.

Stay tuned to read more about signage in other sectors here >>

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