As a sector that reopens for business in the UK this week, the Personal Care industry requires a number of specific signage styles and requirements in addition to their regular attributes.

In this week’s article, we’ve taken a look at how those in the Hair, Beauty and Cosmetic industry use signage to succeed in a competitive sector.

Your business’ appearance to your target audience is key, thus your signage needs to stand out. The colours you decide to use are essential as well; they need to be inviting and friendly. For example, a nursery school uses bright, welcoming colours because they create a friendlier environment. You would avoid using dark colours as they don’t have the same effect and may make children feel intimidated.

Projection Signs

Projection signs are a great start. These can be illuminated or non-illuminated using either sign lighting or LED illumination. These signs help new clients find your business much easier. As the name suggests, they project from the side of the building and are usually double-sided, increasing visibility from different directions. Choosing an illuminated sign makes your shop visible both during the day and night. Using our in-house facilities, we are able to print your branding using a variety of techniques. Watch video >>

Window Graphics

This solution enables you to add your branding, opening and closing hours and contact details to your windows. They are helpful to passers-by both when you are open and closed. Local residents could walk by, take a picture of your details or write them down to contact when you are open.

A range of frosted and solar films are available to reduce glare or to offer increased privacy. You can use this solution for small panels or wrap the whole window; that’s entirely up to you. These can be as colourful or decorative as you want them to be. Our large format printing capabilities enable us to produce high-resolution graphics.

Various forms of illuminated signage

Sign lighting can be used in several ways, from trough lighting, spotlights, decorative swan-neck lamps to LED ceiling panels. As stated in LEDs Magazine, a group were presented with a selection of typical shop signs and asked which would gain the most attention. As many as 64% said they would be most drawn to a store if their sign included an eye-catching illuminated sign.

Pavement Signs

Pavement signs allow your business to be seen from afar, as they are repositionable and universally accepted. This means you can place this sign a distance from where you’re located. Some businesses use them as directional signage, whereas others use them as advertisements. If your pavement sign has a bold, bright design, it is more likely to be seen. There are three main ways you can use your pavement sign to increase footfall; to direct, to inform or to entertain.


Some businesses may not have their entrance in a favourable position, and others may be located on a higher level. They may even have hidden entrances. Using a pavement sign for directional purposes is an inexpensive solution.


Use pavement signs effectively to announce reopening dates, offers, and important information for your customers. Offers are a great way to attract and retain new and existing customers.


Using puns and jokes to convey your messages is a clever way to portray your company’s personality. This approach would increase your brand awareness and make you popular on social media. Remember to add your logo on the sign, just in case you go viral!

Hand Sanitiser Stations and Notices

Now more than ever. the need for hygiene solutions is paramount. Having hand sanitiser stations in your business encourages visitors and clients to be more cautious and ultimately helps keep everyone safe.

We can provide both Free-Standing or Wall-Mounted versions. Companies are encouraged to have automatic hand sanitisers as a measure to avoid cross-contamination. We can also print your branding on the sanitising station, which generates further brand awareness/advocacy. See examples >>


This industry needs to be visually attractive to entice customers in, and with the correct signage, you can stand out from your competitors. Using the types of signs mentioned above can bring your business to life; contact us for more information or a quote today. If you’re struggling with design ideas, whether it’s a rebrand or a start-up, we also offer a full design service in-house.

About the company: Hardy Signs is a professional and digital signage company that designs, manufactures and installs bespoke signage products to a wide range of business sectors in the United Kingdom. The company has been awarded the manufacturer of the year in 2019 and 2020.

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