Some businesses are worried about the cost of services or products that are not related directly to the production of what they offer. But don’t forget that nonproduction costs are there to support and help the company grow.

Possibilities are that the first thing customers see when they visit a shop is the business sign.

That’s why depending on what you want to achieve through signage will determine the cost. If you are expecting an exact cost, I would recommend thinking it over again and counting in that will be depended on the size, colours, design, and format, which are customized to each business.


Factors that affect the signs pricing

Despite that, statistics tell that in the UK an average cost goes around 100 – 500 but not for sure as the best estimating will depend on several factors:

Size: Bigger sign will cost more money.

Material: High quality comes with more expensive

Additional elements: For personalized product requirements expect a higher cost

Premium materials

The total cost of a sign sometimes is made up just from the quality of the materials. Premium materials and finished make a big difference on the final look but also an increase on cost.

Professional installation

Especially exterior signs will require professional installation because of outside factors such as sunlight, rain and other weather conditions which would affect the signage if it’s not done professionally. Professional installation costs will change from a product to another due to times it takes, complexity, number of labours needed or equipment’s and weather conditions which make the process harder.

Business location

Another factor which affects the signage pricing is business location. The way that location increases the cost is the case when the business is in a very busy area, or in a shopping centre. Basically, every business owner would pay more just to stand out in the crowd.

Another element to be considered is when the business has multiple sites, in this case expect a higher cost.

By keeping this logic, let’s have a breakdown and a comparison between different types of signage and how you can choose something around the price you want. Even though there are plenty of choices for outdoor and indoor signage, the option should be in comfort to the brand.

Storefront sign

Storefront sign includes all logos and store names positioned on the building itself and they can be in different materials such as metal lettering, LED lettering. Its again the case where the size and material decide for the definite price.

An illuminated sign in letters or a letters neon sign would cost more than a metal letters. On the other hand, simple designs of logos and company’s name you can find them in cheaper prices than led signs neon signs.

Awning signs

Awning storefront signs are signs created in structure frames in an awning form which attached at the front of the building. It will definitely add a traditional look to your shop and is a weather protection for the customers.

Generally, this sign is used form flower shops, coffee shops or bakeries. The option having the awning storefront signs lighted its highly recommended as would be easily seen during night, especially if the store is opened during night.

Pricing depends on fabric used and the size of the frame that is used to hold the sign. Awning storefront sign it considered as one of the most affordable signs and provide shade for the store.

Fabric signs

Fabric banners are widely used, and what makes them popular are some specific characteristics such as: easily to be transported, resistance to different weather conditions and a range of sizes. One of the things that help to choose the banner or not as an outdoor sign can be the variety of products or services.


Usually, banners work best for businesses that advertise just 1 product, such as selling cars. A vehicle seller wouldn’t need all the models printed on a banner, whereas for a coffee shop, it’s essential to show all the product they offer. Fabric signs materials are several such vinyl, plastic, or nylon where all of them have a long lifecycle when are used premium materials.

Vehicle graphics

Vehicle signs are a great option for all business which are difficult to be seen in the road giving, giving the chance to advertise everywhere their vehicles are. Their advantage is that are very effective in terms of marketing and budget friendly too, best combination.

You can purchase and get them installed on average from £100 with the availability to adding additional colours, designs or text which will increase the costs.


Billboards are known for reaching customers fast, created in large sizes, and displayed in busy places. The way that billboards advertise mainly is by attracting customers with brand values and messages.

These features help to distinguish whether a business can choose to advertise or not. Also, it’s essential to consider that they are probably less expensive than digital signage.

Window signs

Window signs are part of exterior signage where any type of business can use them to have an impact on sales, visitors and increasing visibility. Window signs are cost-effective signs in terms of all the processes from printing to applying and what makes them different is that you don’t need permission to have them on windows of your business compared with some other signages.

Depending on your brand goals, window signs are easy to process at a lower cost and no need for maintenance, which looks the most affordable in comparison with other signs. However, an average cost start from £100- £700 which of course will depend on the size and design that you want.

Illuminated signs

Just from the name, it’s obvious the usage of light which means higher cost and higher visibility at the same time. The advantages of using illuminated signs are more considerable compared to other signs where the most potent point is being visible 24 hrs.

It gives a professional look that every business seeks for it and is eye-catching. To help choose to invest in it, a great help is the advantages of being aware that electronic components are included which is translated in higher price than printed signage.

Based on data because of materials used and all the lighting that goes in and around is expectable to go over £1500. Just to make sure that there is a good explanation of costing just imagine if you have all wiring and place to plug in a neon sign, where on average buying a neon sign will cost from £ 50 – £800.

Pylon signs

Pylon signs are freestanding signs supported by metal poles, used as an exterior building sign. Mostly the exterior building signs such as pylon signs come in large sizes because of their intention of use which is to be seen easily in distance.

Again, the price with depend on the size, every extra detail will increase the effort and the materials where signage companies at this point can’t avoid any single step. If you think to add LED or use both sides of the sign, that will increase the cost too.

Based on statistics and average price for pylon sign is around £10,000 but don’t forget the elements that effect the increase in cost. You probably will find pylon sign for less money, but before doing that do consider the impact of large pylon signs.

Monument signs

Monument sign is usually a free-standing sign attached to a frame or solid base near the ground used to advertise in the entrance of a business. Depending on the company brand the design and size determines the cost of it.

Also, for those who like to have an unusual storefront the price would change on the materials and customised design or features such as brick or arches. Based on the average prices and statistics for a decent sized monument sign the cost can start form £2000.

Plywood signs

Plywood signs are commonly used as storefront signs, constructed from plywood slats. The advantage of using them is the rustic look that they create for your business. Moreover, plywood signs are coated with weather resistant finished to make them safe and durable for outdoor use.

They have a simple look and are considered as affordable signs where the factors that would increase the price would be the finish and types of paint. There is range of fonts which would affect the price too.

Digital signs

Digital signs come in a wide range of products and marketing facilities such as free-standing digital signs, touch screen digital signage, video walls and wall- mounted digital signage. Digital signs are mainly used as interior signage they offer many opportunities in term of advertising making it more attractive, vivid, personalised, time consuming and cost effective in terms of changing the content shown on display.

Because of the facilities that offer, and all the technology used on it eventually the cost will be expected to be reasonable to what it offers. In this case giving and average price wouldn’t be 100% fair because: first will depend on screen sizes and quality, secondly considering all the advantages that digital sign offer even for a high price would be a great investment.


To conclude, the cost of a business’s signage is always negotiable depending on many factors, where the main one is the business type, location, size, and brand message. The space available to be used for signage defines whether it’s possible to use different signage and which one.

Having space in front and inside means more opportunities to apply signs, but don’t forget that there are always solutions for every type of business and space. Since advertising through signage plays a crucial role in today’s market, it’s understandable that every business owner wants the best but doesn’t forget about the budget.

Finding a balance, it’s the perfect formula everywhere. Last but not least is the audience. It’s a big success being able to know who to target through the signage.

The last dilemma: Which sign company to choose?

Choosing the right company for your business signs normally should be based on checking whether they will cover you enquires on materials, designs and job quality.

We, at Hardy Signs have planned all the stages to be covered, our professional team will not only present all our services, materials but will also give the expert graphic and designer advice. The full support is available from design, manufacturing, final product, and installation.

About the company: Hardy Signs is a professional and digital signage company that designs, manufactures and installs bespoke signage products to a wide range of business sectors in the United Kingdom. The company has been awarded the manufacturer of the year in 2019 and 2020. and recognised in 2021 and 2022 as one of the top 5 manufacturers in Greater Birmingham Area.

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