Technology improvements and the need to grow the business in a very competitive market have taken the signage to another level—the progress in creating new types of signages with different materials, designs and facilities is magnificent.

Dating since antiquity, where stones, wood, textiles, stone, and other metals were used to create signage and progressed until now, where technology is involved, and a wide range of materials is used.

Despite the fact the market offers many different signages, the main objectives of using them haven’t changed since antiquity which are advertising products and services, communicating information for the only purpose of attracting customers and increasing sales.

Signage can encourage impulse purchases and affect visitors attitude towards shopping. By improving signage and implementing attractive signs the potential customer visits will increase in the store which turns in more sales.

The main categories of signage are:

In these three categories fall all the below divisions:

Informational signs

These signs show’s information that is important for people to know and recognise it as soon as possible. Informational signs can direct, inform, warn or advice people.

Directional signs

Directing people to find their destination in the easiest way. Usually in new buildings or areas people find it hard and stressful to navigate, also its time consuming for them that’s why directional signage helps to build a great customer care and service.

Health and safety signs

For every building its a must, usage of health and safety measures such as fire exit, fire alarm, hazard areas, no entry, and other safety signs. For customers there are a set of signs which let them know where they are placed, which routes to follow for emergency exits.


Regulatory signs are there to indicate specific laws and rules which should be followed for the time that they show which can be permanent or for a specific time frame.


Especially in large buildings wayfinding signs help to prevent people get lost and reduce frustration by helping them to find what they need quickly.

What makes the difference between them?

Despite their intentions of use the biggest feature which makes them visually different are colours and shapes used for each of them. The design of each sign is different from another, and the colours are divided in groups to make it easier for people to memorise. For example: red for prohibition or danger, blue for mandatory or green for emergency escape, first kit or no danger.

Exterior Signage

Exterior sign are usually all the signs placed outside of the business and all the signs shown in critical areas such as high motorways. Grabbing attention in busy and competitive areas is a problem itself because of the noise of commercial area the brand signs can fade if they are not professionally done. Generally, is advised the usage of solid colours, premium materials, usage of different types of signage. A great care should go for the quality of brand representation which can be achieved by using illuminated signage, fluorescent and neon signs help to attract customers attention.

Hoarding sign

All options are well designed, even the perimeter it’s a way to be used for promotion and adverts. Wondering how? Before the big launch of the business, hoarding signs can help the company be seen and promote the brand. Scale hoardings designed as per your brand in high-quality materials to be safe for outdoor will announce and attract clients to chase the opening of the business.

Pylon signs

Pylon signs are usually freestanding supported by one or two poles placed on the side of motorways or busy roads to promote and help businesses. The main benefits of using them are their location, their size, height, and availability to promote on both sides of it. In terms of size, shape and design they are fully adjustable.

Sidewalk signs

Sidewalk signs include A-boards, pavements signs, menu boards which come in different materials and designs such as one-sided, two- sided. A- boards and pavement signs are cost effective and easily to move inside or outside of shop. Because they are lightweight businesses such as coffee shops, restaurants, bakeries use them to write menus or services, opening hours, directions, and promotions available with the facility of using vibrant colours to attract potential customers.

Storefront signage

Storefront signage it’s the most essential and can be the first signage that a shop must have to invest. Letting people know about you brand existence is the business name placed in the front of the building. Most of business owners make sure to have that ready before an official launching the shop. There are a variety of choices such as: channel letters, Led lights, neon signs and other materials as metal, plywood, or fabric.

Fascia sign

Widely used and highly effective with innovative and eye-catching potential, placed on the front of the business. Created with high-quality material, the fascia sign helps the business grow by advertising 24/7.

Illuminated signage

Illuminated signage have various options to make the brand stand out with 3D acrylic letters and logos, neon signs, flexible- lightboxes and stencil-cut lightboxes. Lighting and size are the significant advantages of illuminated signs, being seen from far and attractive. Illuminated sign can be used as a commercial sign, directional, industrial sign, or business sign.

Edge lit sign

The source of light is placed on the outside of the sign face along of its edges where the light shines back into it.

Illuminated letters

Placing the source of light into the letters of your brand message to make them stand out.

Vehicle graphics

The building can be wrapped in adverts on windows, walls, and floors but to take it to another level vehicle signage it’s an excellent way to promote the brand. Advertising through vehicles comes in different materials to fit on any edge of the vehicle in vibrant colours, prints and design. Any time you wish to move away from the store location and still advertising your brand values, vehicle graphics signs it’s the best choice. A cost-effective sign which turns into a moving billboard advertising with no stop.


Banners come in different types, as freestanding signs, hanging banners, roll up banners which are available in a wide range of materials. Banners can be placed just in the entrance or slightly away depending on the visibility of the area. They are cost effective, and they can be removed easily and store for another time. There is a wide range of materials, sizes, and design to choose.

Monolith sign

Monolith sign is a freestanding sign in the shape of a pillar, taller enough to be eye catching from a certain distance. This sign is mounted on the ground and placed slightly away from the company building usually used in both sides to promote the brand. Monolith sign is budget friendly and long lasting.

Pole signs

Pole signs are typically an outdoor sign used as a promotional signage in parking areas, gas stations or just in the front of your business. Advantages of using them are the cost effectiveness, long lasting sign and durable. A pole sign can be seen from far and both sides can be used for advertising.

Interior Signage

All signs are used inside a business to help customers with directions, easily find products or announce promotions or other offers. All the options include various lighting to choose from; we adjust every detail to the brand, such as colouring, size etc.

Graphics Doors and Floor

These three key points of an inside ambient are a great option to deliver information, invite people to different sections and navigate them. The brand’s colours and messages combined with high finish graphics will enhance the space and convert it into a professional-looking environment.

Wayfinding Signage

Being able to spot the section that you want inside a building, quickly is the key to showing the organisation’s professionalism in signage. Navigating into a new area makes people feel anxious if there is not good labelling of each part, such as waiting areas, toilets, reception, way out, and fire exit. Here comes to help the wayfinding signage which help visitors to navigate easily inside a building. There are facilities for visual impaired people through Braille signs.

Window Graphics

Windows are another strong point to be used to maximise adverting. Whether customers want to get into the shop or just pass by the store’s window, graphics always let them know about your brand and services.

Window graphics are cost effective and space saving signage for your shop by maximising the use of empty window space. They are usually made from vinyl or perforated vinyl with images and text printed on it. There are lots of ways to play with window graphics shapes to make them most attractive and eye catching as possible.

Digital Signage

Technology improvements brought a new way of signage into the market that displays information through screens. This revolution comes with many options to choose such as:

Freestanding Digital Signs

Replace your letter signage with free-standing digital signs with significant upgrades such as connecting screens with the internet and PC for a different experience in customizing and controlling information.

Touch Screen Digital Signage

Engage customers and display brand-related information by installing touch screen digital signage in busy environments.

Wall Sign

Once customers enter a shop the first interaction with the brand are signs. Whenever customers find their selves in a queue the wall signs can engage them with information, graphics, or barcodes to scan and turn the waiting time in an entertainment.

Wall signs can be screens, posters, or boards in different materials and sizes available.


Advanced technology is used to give the best resolution in videowalls signage with high quality in brightness and clarity adapted in different sizes in landscape or portrait mode.

LCD Hand sanitiser display

Our new facility in hand sanitising displays makes life easier. LCDs are placed on entrances to help people quickly and easily sanitise their hands while offering different information on the screen display.


In today’s market, signage is becoming a powerful tool to increase visibility, and it’s a must for every business. The new era of signage seems to be digital signage, which will be a new dimension of signage by offering a significant impact on engaging and attracting visitors faster.

About the company: Hardy Signs is a professional and digital signage company that designs, manufactures and installs bespoke signage products to a wide range of business sectors in the United Kingdom. The company has been awarded the manufacturer of the year in 2019 and 2020. and recognised in 2021 and 2022 as one of the top 5 manufacturers in Greater Birmingham Area.

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