Many business owners don’t consider the psychological effects of the colours they use in their wallpaper graphic designs. Colours induce certain feelings and emotions in people whenever they see them, especially colours used in advertising.

Therefore, it would be in your best interests as a business owner to choose your brand colour scheme carefully. It needs to be a colour scheme that reflects your company and what it sells. That way, your target audience can look at those colours in your signs and immediately be attracted to your business.

Below are the top five colours that help influence customers in various ways.

1) Blue

Blue is an excellent colour to use when you want to tell a story and gain the trust of your customers. So it wouldn’t be suitable in a sales advertisement where you’re trying to get someone to buy something. Instead, blue is a calmer colour to make people feel more relaxed and less stressed.

Blue would be great to use on websites where you ask visitors to sign up for a free newsletter. Since newsletter subscriptions come with no obligations, blue is more inviting to people to make them want to click that “Subscribe” button on your website.

2) Red

You’ve probably seen a lot of business signs with red colours used. It is a popular colour used for signage with prices on it. Red will make customers want to take immediate action to buy a product or service, so use it to promote a special deal.

For instance, if you want to post window signage to promote discount prices or a certain percentage off a particular product in the store, you would use red for the letters and numbers on the signage.

3) Orange

Orange is a colour similar to red because it motivates a customer to buy something. But rather than use orange to promote a special deal or discount, you would use it to promote a “limited time offer” or a “Buy Now” button on your website.

You don’t want to overuse the orange colour in your signage. It should be a designated colour for one particular call-to-action on each of your promotional items.

4) Green

Green is the most relaxed colour used for signage. Customers look at green colours and immediately think about nature and the environment.

Many business owners use green to promote messages involving environmental friendliness or eco-friendly products. You could also use green to promote something as “natural,” such as natural supplements or food products.

5) Yellow

Yellow is a colour that can pull people into your store or business. It doesn’t promote actual pricing the way red does, but it can effectively promote your slogans and marketing messages.

Think about combining yellow and red on one piece of signage, where your marketing messages are yellow, and the pricing underneath is red. Something like that could draw people’s attention well.

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