Have you ever thought how a shop would look without sign? From there you can see the difference and importance that signage puts on. Communicating through signage is the key of success.

What makes a good shop sign?

A great shop sign is what differentiates a business that survives from a business that thrives. The quality of promotion helps a business stand out from the other companies close by and draws people in for business.

Why is Signage Important?

When a customer face rows without recognizable signs, it may be a difficult decision. A lack of quality signs may be causing customers to walk right through your building while clearly and effectively signs can attract customers.

How effective is shop signage?

A shop sign can serve to attract customers as well as to provide a visible representation of your company depending on your values and location. The best retail signage will then point the client directly towards your business and provide confirmation if he or she finds you. Good signage is also a future investment opportunity for any business.

What colours to use?

Colours has different connotations that affect how a customer perceives a sign within seconds. When looking at a shop they may look at familiar brand colours but they will find the right sign that they can see. White walls and signage in stores provide excellent visual contrast with all brands colours. However, some of the colors clash horribly and combining these two on signs can not always attract the appropriate attention.

After decision t0 use a new shop sign there is a process to follow to arrive at the best option:


As a silent marketing tool but very powerful for the shop, first thing is thinking about the function. How the sign will draw attention and bring customers. A good signage will always reflect on the sales. Your shop sign should include everything you find essential to your company. So, take a step back and think about what you expect to see from a sign.


There are permanently mounted signs, illuminated signs, signs on poles, posters, roller banners, pavement signs and so on. There are many different shop signage to choose from. Each will have a different purpose so don’t clutter the permanent shop sign with email address and so on, when you can invest in a window sign that can do that for you.


When it come to the design of a sign think twice, as it could be the fixture that is on display 365 days a year.


You need to think about the information on each and every sign you use. Too wordy or not the right graphics can make the shop signs not attractive.

When it comes to advertising your business, it makes sense to want to showcase your brand in the best way possible. This starts right from the first impression right down to the way you market and advertise your company.

No matter what industry your business is in or the type of product or service you offer, your advertising is a critical part of your brand. the importance of getting the material of your shop signs spot on, not only to showcase your business and brand, but also to ensure that it stays looking fresh for many years, whatever the weather conditions are.

Signage materials:

On the of shop signs there are loads of materials used:


Acrylic shop signs have many advantages such as durability, light weight and low cost. It can be used for the shop sign letters, printed image shop signs. Acrylic signage materials have a high definition which will make your advertising to stand out and probably the most popular choice.

LED illumination

Be seen day and night through LED illumination will enhance the brand and attract more customers. Illuminate letters, brand name or services the business provide. Putting light on retail signage is a popular choice nowadays.


Alluminium signs for the shop comes in different styles such as brushed aluminium which gives your designs an attractive metallic finish. This type of sign is corrosion-proof and water resistant and as such, can provide long-lasting form weather conditions.

Painted aluminium signs, offer all the benefits of brushed aluminium but with a smooth, creating a painted finish. They are lightweight, durable and easy to clean.

For larger panel signage or flat panel, shops sometimes use durable aluminium composite material best option for outdoor signage Flat panel can be useful for opening times, contact details and other supporting information for the shop.


For all those who like a more traditional aesthetic view wood is the perfect choice. Apart from that can be used as an outdoor signage material. Wood signage material have the advantage of creating an interest to customers.

With such a vast range of paint finishes and coloured wood stains available on the market, you’re able to produce a unique style of signage which looks tailor made to your company branding. Wooden signs are typically made up of wooden planks or slats which run horizontally or vertically across the front of the fascia.


There are many different mediums available for tis, from vinyl graphics, to metal built up letters to neon lighting. Supporting information encompasses all the other details you might put onto your sign, including phone number, website, shop number etc

Vinyl is a subtle way to include information alongside your main signage. Applied using an adhesive, vinyl signs are also easily changed.


Glass is weatherproof, easy to clean and works well when opting for a clean and clear look, particularly for external use.


Correx is a durable material and easy to bend. It could be described as an all weather plastic cardboard. Usually used forindoor and outdoor shop signage such as sales or estate agent boards, correx signs can be easy to recycle, cost effective, strong and lightweight.


Signage is part of all businesses as an important tool for their branding and visibility. At Hardy Signs we offer a wide range of high quality materials and a professional team ready to help and discuss every detail for your purchase. Happy customers is one of our main goals whether you are reshaping your current business or opening a new business. You can easily find out all our services in Hardy Signs website.

About the company: Hardy Signs is a professional and digital signage company that designs, manufactures and installs bespoke signage products to a wide range of business sectors in the United Kingdom. The company has been awarded the manufacturer of the year in 2019 and 2020.

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