Recently we launched SkyVisitor, a Visitor Management and Contractor Management solution, in partnership with Safetynet.

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SkyVisitor is the leading global visitor and contractor management software solution. It is the most comprehensive on the market with no equal in terms of flexibility, scope, scale and customization. 

This solution enables you to efficiently manage your visitors and contractors including pre-registering visits, logging arrivals and departures and producing statistical reports to monitor activity.



More and more digitalisation has become part of every organisation and its core systems and processes. 2020, promises to be another year in which a high number of organisations worldwide will implement new digital innovations to improve their internal communications, make production more agile and improve the experience of customers and partners.

Even giants such as LEGO are taking immediate measures to make the digital experience more ‘real’ according to John Goodwin, CEO of LEGO and Jon Burton, founder of TT Games. 

Doug Wright DL, the owner of 18 McDonald’s franchises, said that thinking digital has taken McDonald’s to the next level and created a bigger competitive advantage, during an interview in Birmingham.

Visitor Management

Imagine you had a very important meeting or hosted an event and prior to it, you sent all the relevant information to your guests. How impressed will they be? 

This cloud-based solution will help streamline the visitor check-in process with the most comprehensive electronic visitor management software available. It enables the efficient management of your visitors and contractors.

Key features include pre-booking and logging visitors, SMS/email invites and notifications, photo capture and badge printing, reporting and item control.

In our experience, this enhances the experience of guests, simplifies internal processes and gives everyone a great first impression.

Contractor Management

Whether your organisation has one or many different sites, this is a great tool that would help you control your contractors. 

The SafeWorks solution is an added module to the core visitor management system SkyVisitor, meaning you benefit from the same market-leading features as well as much more. For example, the contractor’s arrival can be pre-planned by issuing emails in advance; these include questionnaires for completion, data share, induction information and permit review. This information can be accessed by both the contractor and the authorising person to prepare and agree as much in advance as far as is reasonably practical.

Inductions, helping you control the risk. It is every company’s responsibility to ensure the safety of the contractor and anyone else that could be affected. 

Site Access Control improves the security of your building with SkyVisitor and Paxton Access Control. Organisations can issue area restricted passes to contractors on arrival and increase access control with pin codes and fingerprint biometrics. Long-term contractors and call out contractors can be provided with a code for any future visits or out of hours attendance.

GDPR – Implications

Skyvisitor is a fully GDPR compliant solution. The data of every guest, partner or contractor saved in the system, is only controlled by a designated member of the business.

Many organisations still haven’t transitioned from the visitor sign-in books to the GDPR compliant digital solutions. Whilst certain formats are GDPR compliant, organisations may still be in infringement of GDPR regulations.

If you’d like to hear more about how you could improve in this area, don’t hesitate to contact our team.




Both Safetynet and Hardy Signs are committed to protecting the environment. Safetynet’s cardholders are BPA free and made from material polypropylene, which makes them recyclable. Passes are also printed without any ink.

SkyVisitor is currently used widely across major blue-chip companies, flagship buildings as well as healthcare, education and industry, handling multiple visitor types with visitor counts from three to 1000+ per day, via single or multiple reception points, manned and unmanned.

Some of the organisations that have implemented this solution already include Liverpool FC, Tottenham Hotspur FC, St. George’s Park, Mag Property, the NHS, Ashby Capital, the Roundhouse London, ACC Arena Liverpool, Red Bull Racing, Principality Stadium Cardiff, etc.


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