Trade shows and exhibition events create the perfect opportunity to market your new products to a live and engaged audience.

The people who attend trade shows are usually retailers, entrepreneurs, investors, business people, and curious consumers. This creates a unique opportunity to generate hundreds of diverse leads for your business at a single event. There is no better marketing power than that.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic temporarily stopped live trade shows for nearly two years. But now, we’re starting to see live trade shows and events making a comeback since the coronavirus restrictions are getting lifted.

However, will your old exhibition signage and promotional messaging still work? You may not want to reuse the same signage you used previously because its messaging and physical appearance have probably both deteriorated by this point.

Therefore, you’ll need to develop new visual and textual signage which is fresh and engaging to a hungry audience.

Here are the top 4 trade show ideas when returning to your marketing mix.

1) Modular Exhibition Stand

A modular exhibition stand gives you the speed and flexibility needed to promote your products at several different trade shows. Since your business hasn’t been able to reach people at trade shows for nearly two years, you need to attend as many trade shows as possible.

Modular stands make it easy to install and uninstall high-impact designs anywhere you want. They are also easy to reconfigure and modify into a new style and shape as needed.

2) Digital Screen Content

Digital screen content is a necessity when returning to your marketing mix. Not only can you integrate digital content into signage displays, but you can also distribute it through mobile advertising as well. This opens up so many promotional opportunities that you never had before.

Hardy Signs can create digital content for PCAP Touch Screens, High Brightness Monitors, Tablet-Style Android Advertising Displays, and IP-Rated Outdoor Screens. You don’t even need any technical knowledge to run the displays on these systems because we can take care of that for you.

3) Roller Banners

If you’re looking for an affordable and cost-effective way to return to the marketing mix, then you’ll want to consider using roller banners at your next trade show or event. Roller banners are versatile, portable, and stylish wherever they are installed. They work well in virtually every inch of the market.

Hardy Signs can design roller banners ranging between 600 and 3,000 millimetres in width. You can have a one-time use with one set of graphics or multiple uses with multiple changing graphics. The choice is yours.

4) Exhibition Accessories

When you display your modular stands, digital content, or roller banners, make sure you take advantage of the various exhibition accessories available to enhance their appearance even more. Some of which include LED lights, display frames, podiums, back walls, cases, literature holders, and more.

Exhibition accessories allow you to get creative in showcasing your signage content. Since returning to the marketing mix requires you to be unique and stylish, adding some of these accessories to your exhibition displays may be the best solution to attract a new audience at a trade show.

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