Signage is a powerful part of marketing your brand or shop – large or small. Often, it’s one of the first things that potential customers spot. Not only does it need to attract shoppers, but the copy needs to be creative and impactful enough to leave a lasting impression and encourage repeat business.

Whether you are starting a new business venture or re-branding, great signage can undoubtedly turn heads and get you noticed. We consider our signage as your silent, yet highest-selling salesperson.

As a multi-award-winning professional and digital signage company, we operate extensively in the retail market. We have a wealth of experience in manufacturing transformative signage for businesses across the UK. Operating from our manufacturing headquarters in Burton on Trent, we design, manufacturer and install all types of shop signage.

>> Here are a few examples of essential shop signage:

Fascia signs

Generally located at the front of your premises, Fascia Signage is designed to promote and engage with your customers. It is a great medium that enables you to display your brand name and communicate your key messages.

Our in-house team of designers can tailor make your fascia signage to create a bespoke and unique piece, explicitly targeting your particular audience. With a wide range of materials and illumination techniques, your fascia signage will catch the eye of every passer-by 24/7.

Indoor Signage

With a vast array of options available for Indoor Signage, we’re able to utilise the latest technologies in design, print and fabrication to offer signage that will enhance your internal spaces, improve staff engagement and impress visitors alike. From suspended ceiling signs, wall graphics and wayfinding signage, our site surveyors can visit you to establish requirements and ultimately set up your project brief with design, cost and risk assessment, and so on.

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Window Graphics

Make use of the large surfaces in your shop by utilising every area possible to advertise your business. Through Window Graphics, once seemingly empty space can now be transformed by creating an incredible, eye-catching impact for any passer-by. Window graphics allow you to completely cover or simply part cover the glass depending on your specific requirements. Not only useful for displaying graphics, but for practicality and safety, some sectors by law could potentially be unsafe without these films. We offer solar films to reduce harmful UV rays, tinted and frosted films to help with privacy and reinforcement. Safety films prove popular in healthcare, hospitality, beauticians and many other sectors.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is the fastest-growing form of advertising and communication globally. We can provide simple, cost-effective solutions that anybody can use, regardless of your technical expertise. We can also offer more comprehensive solutions for corporate projects that allow you to control, monitor and update a whole network of screens all over the world through our online portal.

Digital screens shall be placed internally to inform customers and upsell, or by the window aiming to advertise to passers-by.

Whether you’ve been in business for many years or you are just getting started, the details matter. Our mission is to deliver bespoke, high-quality professional and digital Signage, create efficiency, build partnerships and enable you as the customer to gain success across the UK, Europe and beyond.

About the company: Hardy Signs is a professional and digital signage company that designs, manufactures and installs bespoke signage products to a wide range of business sectors in the United Kingdom. The company has been awarded the manufacturer of the year in 2019 and 2020.

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