School signs are more than just signage; they inspire, promote and create a perfect vibe to welcome students of all ages across all school areas (e.g. classrooms, canteens, playgrounds etc.). We usually see just a giant board with the school’s logo and name, but signage in schools is a lot more. Whether it’s a primary, high school or university, there is always expected to control and direct a large number of students.

Signage is not only an excellent promotional tool used by retailers and businesses but also vital for education institutions. School signage is extremely helpful in the day-to-day running of the site by helping to motivate students, welcoming visitors, new starters, the team internally and keeping everyone safe.

What are the importance of signage in school?

It is critical to educate school parents about new policies that will protect their children’s safety. School reopening signs are specially designed with important messages for safe school operation.

Why a school sign is a bit different?

Given the fact that a school has a lot of diversity, there should be an appropriate language used to be easily understood. School health and safety signs shows essential information to the staff and students alike by directing, warning and informing.

Let’s break down the main reasons why we need good signage in schools and universities.

A safe environment

We need to ensure our new generation gets a safe and smooth experience in their educational institution by setting up as much guidance as possible. Safety is one of the most important values that parents look into in a school before trusting their children.

Fire alarms and emergencies

In the case of fire or other emergencies, it could be challenging for children to find the pieces of equipment such as a first aid kit or how to contact a nurse for help, where signage can make the job easier by showing it clearly and briefly in a way that they understand.

Running in the school hallways can be the most common problem in schools, which can be calmed down by using signage to remind pupils of the consequences and advice not to run.

Implementing social distancing

Social distancing solution for school effective social distancing management is possible using the following affordable signage options. Both kinds of signage are long-lasting and can be easily removed, which makes them ideal for quick changes to messages or regulations. Floor graphics help pupils on keeping social distancing and use them for fun activities as well.

Banners and notices are useful: Popup banners can be easily transported to a different place if required. These also allow the separation of a specific area or corridor in conjunction with one-way systems. Sometimes to make it work for pupils, we get into the creative side of signs to make them attractive and funny for all age ranges.

Maintaining a good hygiene level

Some of the health and safety signs that should be applied in schools are emergency exits, fire alarms, hazard areas prohibition and hygiene signs.

High hygiene is always necessary within any school or educational system and the simple way of raising this level is by reducing risk. Sanitizer stations should be installed in high-traffic places to help students wash hands before they come into the classroom.

Desk dividers and cough and sneeze guards are useful in keeping students away from their colleagues and teachers. Particularly useful for reception spaces, the ‘canteens’ of schools where the social distancing of a person is harder.

Making your education centre easy to navigate

Signage for schools: In the highly-trafficked areas, it should be clear that people can move freely between the spaces and avoid unnecessary contact. Wayfinding solutions must be used to help students locate different rooms in a school so that the students can learn about the rooms they need.

They are available in a variety of ways and include huge maps hung on walls, signs along corridors and door signs. Wayfinding is also an effective way to implement one-way systems. Organizing students’ flow is crucial as it helps reduce the contact. Floor and window graphics and large banners could do it nicely.

Directional Signs

Drop off areas and pick up areas are usually positioned outside the buildings, requiring external signs and extra care. Why extra care: Because parents, staff and students are compromised in the situation, the group of people is expected to turn into a crowd which will distract all of them to be careful to read any signs that might be around.

Entrance signs such as banners or boards would be helpful to keep them in the line.Messaging such as reducing speed, caution, children in the area, or no parking can remind people of the danger.

Informational Signs

Informational signs in schools help create rules and guidelines to keep pupils safe. By displaying guidelines and principles, people will be aware of the school’s commitment to pupils’ safety and well-being.

Depending on the information you share, if it stands for a particular cause or its general, using the right fonts and colours with the school logo aside will add authority to the message. Because of the diversity, an informational sign can be used to support different pupils’ backgrounds in the community or those with learning difficulties.

Motivational sections
Creating an inspiring workplace

Bringing students into an academic context is a significant change. It’s always good to refresh the entire system, providing freshness and inspiration to students. Custom wallpapers create vibrant and colourful empty walls with captivating pictures or texts. It can be displayed on a feature wall, motivational messages, school histories, and logos. Feature displays can be used to increase engagement as they reflect school values. Make something interesting to the pupils and the audience.

Institution values

The first impression is usually unforgettable, and we make sure to show the best of a place through signage. Signage is a great tool to be used by any institution to give a sense of identity and show their values, achievements, their best students’ grades, and events. The best places to show all these signs are internal areas such as reception areas, halls, on the way to the main offices, and stairs.

In reception areas, it would be helpful to use stand-free boards, which can be moved to any edge if needed to change the ambient for any reason. In halls and stairs areas, it’s quite common to use wall signage which allows placing a lot of creativity on it in colours, design and material. At Hardy Signs, you will find a wide range of highest-quality materials which will add value and creating a professional look of the institution.

Aside from what is written in the signage, how you say it is equally important, the colours you choose, and the fonts. All these details together help build a particular reputation of the institution, where they invoke reliability, competence, safety and a high level of education.

Identification Signs

Given the fact that schools are significant buildings, identification signage helps to have a breakdown of floor maps, blocks or rooms. It’s important to consider that usage of right colours combinations attracts pupils more.

Depending on the school the designs and colours will change from one to another because of the age range of pupils.

For a primary or secondary school, colours should be bright, and designs should be entertaining and easy to understand. In contrast, universities tend to be more in safe and classic colours such as blue, white or red.

To sum up

Inspiring and encouraging the new generation by creating a comfortable journey in their studies means more professional and dedicated people we will have in the future. Our experienced design team is specialized in supporting clients in making the best decisions for any type of signage needed in a school environment offering a wide range of colours, designs and ideas to make UK schools a better place to learn by increasing safety.

We ensure you get the highest quality products and all the support from designing to installation. Depending on your location, building size, and pattern, we aim to increase pupils safety from any potential risk, through school safety signs.

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