We’ve introduced the very latest 3D Holographic LED Fan products to our digital signage range to help you and your business with dynamic and highly-visible product marketing campaigns.

This technology represents the future of visual advertising and communication; in a digital age where that very process proves more and more difficult. The 3D visual effect is created by two or four blades of ultra-high-density LED lamp beads – firing as the blades rotate to display unique viewing experience.

With Persistence of Vision (POV) technology, Hologram 3D LED Visual fan is a kind of display which can present holographic 3D visual effect through a series of high-density LED rotating objects imaging.

Read blog one to find out more about history, development and how our holographic solutions work.

How can your business make the most of this unique display?

Businesses from almost any sector can use 3D holographic fans to promote a product, convey a message or simply achieve fantastic brand recall. From exhibitions to product launches… these products are simple to install and deliver maximum impact for their value.


Schools, colleges and universities are recognizing that this technology is highly successful in competing for the average short attention span of their learners.

Exhibitions & Events  

Be the envy of your competitors in the exhibition hall as your potential clients are drawn to this visual experience. 


Advertising to high footfall healthcare organisations to create revenue. Pharmacies can promote products to their customers in a retail environment.


Restaurants and bars can convey offers and promotions to their clients in a uniquely attractive format. Hotels, spas and leisure centres can use the technology to ensure clients remember their visit and their brand.

Industry & Warehousing

Internal communications in this sector are vital to ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Any companies can utilise this solution to inform staff about anything including objectives, regulations, products, company’s missions, celebrations and more.


Make your car showroom or dealership memorable and ensure your brand is remembered by your clients with this dynamic product. Is that a floating car?

Professional Services

Advertising agencies could use this to offer a new and unique advertising style for their clients.

Public Sector

Organisations in the public sector can raise awareness to their patients/clients/members through positive messages in line with their campaigns and objectives.


Retailers can use them to display their promotions for the day, season, etc. Shopping Centres can amaze and astonish customers to increase footfalls. Product identity is perfect for this product.

Sports & Leisure

Sports clubs and organisations can display their logo in a fancy 3D holographic style. Cinemas can use them to promote new launches and promotional offers. The casinos can use them to thrill and entice gamblers.


Museums and attractions can convey information and content in a fun and engaging fashion on the 3D Hologram.

We’ve come across clients that mention that some companies are charging them for the software, or supply the 3d holographic fan without the software. We would like to ensure anyone interested that our products include the software and guides on how to use it, free of charge.

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